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The foundation of a thriving network lies in maintaining connections. Recognizing our alumni as invaluable assets, École des Ponts Business School has curated a range of services to foster communication and knowledge sharing. We aspire to witness this network flourish further through the active engagement and participation of its members.


The Ponts's Alumni Association, founded in 1860, is a State-approved public interest entity. Its members are the School’s 25.000 graduates: civil engineers, high-ranking state engineers, holders of master’s degrees, PhDs and MBAs. École des Ponts Business School boasts a robust community of 6.000 members since its inception in 1987.

The Ponts Alumni network is present in 11 countries and all the School’s sectors of activity.

Lifelong learning

Our commitment to lifelong learning extends beyond graduation. Alumni are invited to enrich their knowledge through regular meetings featuring guest speakers on pertinent business topics. The Lifetime Learning initiative also welcomes alumni to revisit the School, attend current classes, and engage as speakers or contributors.

Feel free to connect if you're keen on attending a class or contributing your expertise as a speaker. AND feel free to join us at our next event.


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