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Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship at the service of people and planet.

New in Beauvais !
Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Harness the power of technology for a thriving economy and planet!

Co-designed with (RE)SET and the Urban Community of Beauvais, a European hub for biotechnology, this unique 12-month Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation was created to enable a diverse public of (potential) entrepreneurs - including researchers, recent graduates, innovators, and experienced professionals - to rapidly gain knowledge and confidence in the art and science of taking ideas, technologies and intellectual property to market.

Our program uniquely combines the strengths of incubation and acceleration pathways with essential academic business, innovation and management foundations.

What makes this program unique?

This part-time and modular program was designed for thinkers who are also doers and is compatible with a full-time job/activity. With a mix of 7 immersive weeks, several online synchronous sessions and a series of self-paced asynchronous modules this hybrid program brings together budding entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to acquire the deep knowledge needed to build a sustainable technology-based business, take it to market and find their first (or next) investors. In a workshop and practice-led environment, experts and practitioners will support participants in the successful application of leading lean innovation and startup business frameworks to their own projects.

For those who are done with quick fixes, hackathons and bootcamps, this program creates the right foundation from which a business can thrive.


Practical Info

Duration: 12 months

Format: Hybrid; 8 in-person retreat weeks connected by online courses and coaching

Starts: January 2025

Location: Beauvais, France (just 1 hour north of Paris)

Pre-Requirement: Minimum 3 Years of Work Experience + Bachelor's Degree

Who should apply?

The Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation - in Beauvais - has been designed for professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset to transform ideas into sustainable technology-based businesses. You may see yourself in this program if you are:

  • A founder or CEO of a tech company looking for the business foundations to build your business
  • A researcher, PhD candidate or Post Doc working on technology that has the potential to turn into a business
  • A professional with a technical background (engineering, R&D etc.) wanting to pivot into entrepreneurship
  • A researcher, innovation manager or 'intrapreneur' at a company looking to accelerate internal innovation
  • A recent graduate with an advanced degree exploring an entrepreneurial career path
  • A sustainable innovation professional looking to build expertise in ecological business models
  • A tech and entrepreneurship enthusiast wanting to join a startup team

This program is designed to be compatible with full-time work commitments, be it employment or business creation.

Give your business the foundation it needs to thrive.

A Unique Initiative for Bio-Economy and Low-Carbon Construction

The challenges on the horizon are immense. Transitioning to a sustainable and circular economy requires a complete restructuring; from the science of materials to new economic models. We must innovate across industries to reduce resource usage, carbon emissions, and waste while still meeting our everyday needs. We recognize the challenges on the horizon and are leveraging our expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation to meet them with rapidity, diligence and responsibility.

That's the essence of our initiative in the Beauvais ecosystem: To accelerate the ecological economic transition through the creation of sustainable, circular and socially responsible businesses and sources of employment.

How do we achieve this? By starting from the ground up:

  • Educating professionals with scientific backgrounds on the art of building and accelerating sustainable and circular businesses.
  • Facilitating the transfer of cutting-edge technologies from the research stage to commercialization with regional industries, factories and investors.
  • Incubating and accelerating cutting-edge technologies to ensure swift implementation and success.

Why Now?

France has been a trailblazer in environmental legislation and initiatives for over two decades, spearheading efforts such as carbon footprint measurement, extra-financial reporting, and the establishment of eco-organisations. Its influential voice has played a pivotal role globally, evidenced by significant agreements like the Paris Agreement and the recent High Seas Treaty. However, while France's past achievements are commendable, they should not breed complacency.

The urgency for action is clear as global environmental challenges persist and deepen. Despite considerable efforts, the transition to a circular economy remains elusive, posing significant hurdles for governments and businesses alike. The current state of affairs demands a departure from superficial measures towards substantive, industry-scale initiatives.

It's time to move beyond symbolic gestures and embrace comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of environmental degradation. France has the opportunity to lead by example, leveraging its expertise and influence to drive meaningful change on a global scale.

A complete business creation program in 3 phases

The program lasts 12 months and is divided into 2 phases of 6 months each,
each comprising in-person retreat weeks and online instruction and support.

Overal Learning Experience

This program is designed to equip participants with essential business and management principles, 'lean' innovation techniques, and the latest strategies for nurturing and fast-tracking startups.

It merges theoretical foundations with hands-on skills development to empower participants as innovative, efficient, and influential figures in innovation and business creation, with a focus on leveraging technology for positive change.

Participants will benefit from personalized follow-up with industry-specific mentors, assessments by professionals, and feedback from their peers, as well as the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice on a real start-up project.

Pre-Incubation Phase

A remote, autonomous pre-incubation phase on the Harvard Business School platform enables participants to acquire basic knowledge of business management, enabling them to acquire more advanced skills during the main phases.

Phase 1 : Incubation
(Month 1 - 6)

The first phase aims to develop leadership and management skills and introduce participants to the 'lean' methodologies of entrepreneurship, including Design Thinking. Participants will also learn the principles of creating sustainable, circular and responsible businesses and how to create with foresight using Future's Literacy.

The first phase will be carried out via 4 intensive retreat weeks in Beauvais, France. Between these weeks, participants will apply their learning to their business and have access to personalized coaching and industry mentors.

Phase 2: Acceleration
(Months 7-12)

The second phase focuses on accelerating the businesses. In this phase, the focus shifts to market entry, followed by commercial and organizational development linked to growth, tactical and strategic networking, and preparing a business for investment.

The second phase will be carried out via 4 intensive retreat weeks in Beauvais, France. Between these weeks, participants will apply their learning to their business and have access to personalized coaching and industry mentors.


The program culminates in a final presentation, a 'pitch', to a panel of potential investors specially selected on the basis of the projects presented.

Become a leader in the green economy.


The face-to-face courses will take place in the heart of Beauvais, France, a European biotech hub conveniently located 1 hour north of Paris and equipped with an international airport.

The tuition cost per individual participant is €25,000.
And €37,500 for company-sponsored participants.

Ready to enroll?

Contact us, we will set up a quick call with you to talk about the program and assist you through the next steps.


What is included:

  • 12 months of experiential hybrid learning
  • Tech to build your solutions
  • Access to a strong network of industry experts and investors
  • Project-based learning
  • Transferable tools & frameworks
  • Peer learning and feedback

Want to be involved in our
Tech for Good Initiatives?


Do you want to bring a Tech for Good program to your region or municipality? Our Initiative was created to accelerate the ecological economic transition of regions across France and Europe. While each program teaches the universal best practices of innovation and entrepreneurship, the selection and industry support are adapted to the regional economy.

Contact us to discuss how you can accelerate your region's green economy.


Business partners play a pivotal role in our initiative with the Beauvais Region. As a business, you can sponsor the participation of your own employees in the program, accelerate your own research to market pipeline and contribute to a thriving local economy. Do you want to contribute to an existing initiative or launch a program related to your own sector?

Contact us to discuss how you can accelerate your sector's green transition in France.