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13 February 2024 @19:00 | Leonard Paris

Join us for CatalysTalks,
An inspiring evening jointly cohosted by PLACE Network.

Discover the future of work through TEDTalk-style presentations by Karam Haytham Mohammed and Caryarit Carolina Pérez, two inspiring speakers sharing their impactful narratives.

Delve into facilitated discussions, explore the diverse impact migration has on the future of work, and network over cocktails. Don't miss out on this unique
opportunity to explore innovation, diversity, and the empowered
leaders of tomorrow. See you there!


Past Events

24 January 2024 | 18:45 - 21:30| Leonard Paris

Galette des Rois & New Year's toast !
Good company, some cheese, drinks & French pastry,
What else do you need?

Let's Toast to the New Year at Ecole des Ponts Business School!

Get ready to raise your glasses, bid farewell to the old, and welcome the new, in style.

Come over on the 24 January 2024 to enjoy a casual get together to start the year with fellow alums, partners, new participants, staff and members. Cheers to the adventures ahead!

20 July 2023 | Leonard Paris

Alumni + Friends Summer get together

A relaxed Summer get-together with our alumni community! Leave the formalities behind as we come together to celebrate one another and embrace the spirit of summer in 2023.
This event is all about fostering connections, enjoying some drinks and snacks, good weather and great company.

No masterclasses or busy agendas, just a relaxed and enjoyable gathering to commemorate the season and the bonds we share as a community.

2 June 2023 | Leonard Paris

Two Megatrends are accelerating the Dual Transition of Digital and Responsible Economies toward Industry 5.0.

This Dual Transition is reshaping the fabric of markets, economies, and societies and is restructuring competitiveness and strategy on all fronts.

  • Why do entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and decision-makers need to comprehend the implications of The Digital and responsible transition?
  • How can they successfully navigate through the forthcoming foundational changes?
  • What are the emerging opportunities?

4 April 2023 | Leonard Paris

Mummy’s Dead, Long Live Mummy! Play

Register for your Alumni access to an amazing fun evening surrounded by likeminded women

Let's get together with an international group of women and enjoy an interactive dark and fun play
in the comfort of our own campus.

This event will finish with a networking drink, so you get the chance to connect.

25 January 2023 | Leonard Paris

What happens when you mix 3 AI experts, French pastry, and alumni?

A Fireside Chat on the impact of ChatGPT on business at our Paris campus followed by a Galette des Rois get-together on January 25.
We have invited 3 experts to discuss the interesting developments we will see in the (near) future. This will be the first of our WTF (What The Future) discussions. Stay tuned for more.