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Come join us this 6 – 8 December 2017 for The Future of Business Forum where experts and visionaries from around the globe will be joining us to discuss AI, Circular Economy, Innovation Management, disruption and change in the digital age. You don’t want to miss it.

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A wide range of MBA and management programs

Full Time MBA

École des Ponts Business School’s Full Time MBA is a flagship program for Innovation Management in a global economy.

The program leverages the latest research and traditions of excellence in Innovation, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. It offers a truly international experience across four continents, global visiting faculty and peers from around the world.


Global Executive MBA

With a focus on leadership, strategy and innovation, our Global E-MBA is tailored for mid-career professionals aspiring to senior executive positions or willing to start their own business.

Offered jointly with the Fox School of Business at Temple University in the USA – ranked among the top 39 in the world by The Economist – this dual-degree program grants access to two powerful alumni networks. Our unique one-weekend-a-month format helps participants keep their professional and personal lives in balance.


Executive DBA

École des Ponts Business School is proud to announce the launch of our new and unique Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (E-DBA) program in November 2015!

The program is designed for experienced professionals who wish to formalize and share the knowledge and expertise gained throughout their careers. The program includes many unique features: 4 residential sessions, a Doctoral “project” in 3 papers and in any language, 2 “learning labs” as well as personal doctoral supervision.


Specialized Executive MBAs

École des Ponts Business School is proud to announce the launch of our new and unique specialized Executive MBAs around the world!


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Upcoming Events

    15 June Masterclass: Learning from failure – What can the last 10 years since the Financial Crisis tell us about the next 10?
    June 15, 2018
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    Masterclass: Learning from failure – What can the last 10 years since the Financial...
    MBA Admissions Webinar
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To nurture the next generation of business leaders and forward-thinking managers, École des Ponts Business School has been offering MBA programs since 1987. Inspired by our late founder, Celia Russo, we strongly believe that a business school’s responsibility is to create ethical managers and leaders. Men and women who can think creatively and critically about how to design new businesses – or improve existing ones – and in the process, help to make the world a better place.

Graduates as well as partnering companies acclaim the unique vision that inspires our programs. Although most business schools have assimilated the impact of globalization in the corporate world, they seldom teach how new technologies and innovation management can bring a sustainable competitive advantage, enhance business efficiency, and help develop successful strategies.

The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC)

The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) launched for our 30th anniversary and brought EU think tanks, government officials and academics to our inaugural symposium, The Future of Business: Circular Economy.

An Unparalleled Learning Experience

Our goal is to provide you a unique experience that will not only boost your  career bust also have a major impact on your personal development. You will enjoy a dynamic learning environment composed of interactive classes, case studies, workshops, international study trips and business simulations. In line with our tradition of academic excellence, we consistently “push the envelop” on teaching methods, innovative program content, and pedagogical design.

As you may know, an MBA program is as much about learning from your professors as learning from your peers. In our typical program you will mix with 30 fellow participants from more than 15 different nationalities, a whole set of diverse backgrounds. In class, during networking activities and with your coach, you will be urged to cultivate your emotional intelligence, analyze the impact you are making in cross-cultural or trans-disciplinary contexts and, ultimately, develop your personal leadership style.

Top faculty from around the world

Because business is international and management is cross-cultural, École des Ponts Business School has always emphasized a global approach to teaching. Our professors come from first-class universities and business schools from different parts of the globe to teach in our programs, either in Paris or in Asia and Africa. What’s more, we invite faculty members who are not only renowned for their cutting-edge research, but also repeatedly demonstrate their passion for teaching.

You will study with professors who are truly diverse in terms of their cultural, geographic and business perspectives and are committed to the highest academic standards. You will benefit from the most up-to-date and relevant academic concepts as well as their real-world applications in different business and cultural environments. Expect to get fresh viewpoints and specialized skills you can immediately put to good use!

A seal of excellence

Accredited by the Association of MBAs

École des Ponts ParisTech is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe, with decades of experience administering internationally acclaimed Graduate porgrams. Our Global Executive MBA program is internationally accredited by AMBA and AACSB and is repeatedly ranked as one of the best Executive MBAs in the world:

  • CEO Magazine: Tier 1 and #2 worldwide
  • QS: #20
  • The Economist / Which MBA: #45
  • The Financial Times: #58

Ranked #1 by the CEO Magazine Global ranking 2015

Our Full Time MBA program is accredited by AMBA. Our Full Time MBA has been ranked #1 in the world by CEO Magazine since 2015 and ranked #1 by the International Graduate Forum in 2016. Our Executive MBA was ranked #2 in worldwide by CEO Magazine this year.  Our programs continually remain featured in the 1st Tier of schools globally.

École des Ponts Business School continues to excel against all CEO Magazine’s Key Performance Indicators. However, the School’s relentless pursuit of innovative management education, allied to a student-centric approach, is what keeps it at the very top of CEO Magazine’s MBA rankings. The hard data gleaned from our continued analysis and assessment of École des Ponts Business School’s MBA offering is further supported by the excellent feedback from students and alumni, making for a consistently robust ranking.

Victor Callender, CEO – CEO Magazine and IGF

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Leveraging alumni networks across five continents

Creating value for our graduates is the number one reason why three prestigious schools have decided to jointly deliver this Global Executive MBA. As business is increasingly global, as company ownership often changes over time, as relocating and extensively travelling is part of the executive life, we know that a globally-recognized postgraduate degree is a tremendous asset in the corporate world.

By joining the Global Executive MBA program, you will join a worldwide network over 75,000 members strong, including 4 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies – and an extended network of 450,000+ ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology), and Temple University alumni.

Beyond the numbers, what really makes a difference is the feeling of belonging to a special group that shares the same values and ambition to impact the business world of tomorrow. This is why we regularly organize worldwide alumni meetings like the one held in Marrakech in May 2015, where 500 delegates from all corners of the globe came together to discuss sustainability, CSR, leading change, and how to do well in business while doing good for society.

The world is your campus

École des Ponts Business School offers programs in Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai and Beijing. We are part of an international network of business schools with exchange opportunities in the US, Colombia, Japan, Vietnam and many other countries.

Our MBA and E-MBA participants are invited to join our international study trips organized yearly to Shanghai and the Silicon Valley. They include a mix of lectures, meetings with high-profile guest speakers and, most importantly, visits to local and international companies. Participants report that study trips are unique opportunities to apply and further develop their Executive MBA skills; they also inspire new business ideas and help them establish connections with local alumni and prospective partners. Naturally, the study trip to the Silicon Valley is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and venture creation while the study trip to Shanghai has a focus on global business, emerging markets and cross-cultural management.

Nicolas Lapalu (France)CEO - Osborn-Unipol France

Jadwiga Gajda (Poland)IT Service Manager – Metanext

Shaleish DixitHead of Consulting & Sales Solutions - Wipro


With a multicultural student body and visiting faculty aorund the world, you will gain a truly global experience and learn the true meaning of diversity.

Average Work Experience:
MBA7 years
Executive MBA12 years
Executive DBA19 years
Average Class Size28
Current participants worldwide319
Average post-MBA salary increase 26%
International Students 90%

Alumni Network

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