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Global Executive MBA - Casablanca

Our Global Executive MBA program is now project-based, offering you real-life business challenges that align with your career objectives. The three 6-month projects include Personal Leadership Development, Strategic Development, and Innovation Development. Each course is designed to add to your business and management skill set and combines case studies, problem-based learning, and online resources. The program's three terms focus on Leading People & Teams, Leading Business Performance, and Leading Innovation & Agility. You'll gain hands-on experience and develop an agile and innovative mindset that will benefit you throughout your career.

GEMBA in a nutshell

Accredited dual diploma

Format & Languages

Get your MBA degree in 18 months.
All classes are in English

Modular Hybrid online classes

Modular Format
Designed to fit a busy
agenda. One weekend per month (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Applications open

Next program start:
October 2024

earn about disruptive innovation and ho to lead in a tech world

The future is here
The curriculum is based on a backbone of 3 executive projects, tailored to your own professional goals.

Around the world

The classes take place in Casablanca with the opportunity to travel to Paris and the Silicon Valley.

Tuition Fees
MAD 270.000
MAD 300.000 (company sponsorship)


Global Executive MBA - Case Pillars

A unique project-based learning experience

The curriculum is based on a backbone of 3 executive projects tailored to your professional goals. You will gain first-hand practice and acquire a ‘learn-apply-test-iterate’ approach to business and leadership. This agility to face uncertain environments will make a difference all through your career.

Personal Development - Every step of the way

Leading business transformation is as much a question of driving cultural change as of designing successful strategies and business models. Taking you out of your comfort zone, the Global Executive MBA will give you the opportunity to challenge your self-beliefs and develop your own leadership style.

A global perspective on business

We are faithful to the vision inherited from our late founder, Dame Celia Russo, that business and technology must ultimately serve human progress. Your Professors – invited from leading universities from around the world – and your classmates, come from a diverse range of professional cultures and backgrounds. They will help you develop your ability to thrive in cross-cultural environments, and contemplate business issues from both a global and a local perspective. You will also gain access to a vibrant, international network of forward-thinking business executives and decision-makers.

Focused on Innovation

École des Ponts is the only engineering school with both a business school and a school of design thinking. Throughout your Executive MBA, you will be immersed in a comprehensive ecosystem geared toward designing the future of business – from research centers to startup accelerators, from innovation mentors to venture capitalists.


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