Doctorate of Business Administration
in Innovation & Leadership

Embrace a researcher's mindset for success

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where technological advancements are shaping new industries, business leaders must possess a profound understanding of innovation and effective leadership skills to drive sustainable growth and success. At École des Ponts Business School, in partnership with UCMT, we are proud to present our Doctorate of Business Administration in Innovation and Leadership - DBA (I&L)

The DBA (I&L) is meticulously designed to address the pressing challenges faced by business managers in driving innovation and leading organizational change. As China continues to witness remarkable advancements in science and technology, we recognize the need for a new generation of leaders well-versed in cutting-edge methodologies and equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Welcome to the DBA (I&L) program in Shanghai, China!

Explore the first doctoral program in Innovation & Leadership in collaboration with École des Ponts Business School and UCMT.

Specialized Curriculum

Our program's curriculum is thoughtfully curated to remain at the forefront of business management, encompassing the latest knowledge and real-world case studies. We strive to ensure that our participants stay abreast of the rapidly evolving industry trends.

Action Learning

We believe in learning by doing. Our program places a strong emphasis on action learning, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences such as industry best practice visits, forums, and salons. This approach nurtures well-rounded professionals who can sustainably adapt to dynamic business environments.

Expert Faculty

Guided by renowned professors from esteemed universities both domestic and abroad, our teaching team boasts rich academic and practical experience. Their mentorship equips students with invaluable insights and expertise, helping them become exceptional leaders in their respective industries.

Research Support

We empower our students to engage in cutting-edge academic research within the realm of business management. By fostering a culture of innovation, we encourage students to lead transformations in their industries and drive tangible results.

A customized curriculum and comprehensive support system designed for thinkers who are also doers

Four Core Courses on Research Methodology

Designed to provide you with the necessary concepts, frameworks and tools to conduct and publish applied research, each module is taught over 3 days.

  • Introduction to Research
    Fundamental research methodologies, literature review, and design for confident academic exploration.
  • Quantitative Methods
    Master statistical techniques and data analysis for rigorous research and informed conclusions.
  • Qualitative Research
    Analyze non-numerical data through interviews and observations, discovering qualitative research value.
  • Case-Study Writing
    Craft compelling case studies, presenting findings coherently for impactful contributions.

Six Specialization Courses on Innovation & Leadership

Each of these 2-day modules will expose you to cutting-edge research in Innovation and Leadership, providing valuable insights and preparing you for the challenges and opportunities of the evolving business landscape.

  • Futures Literacy
    Develop future-ready skills to decipher emerging possibilities and transform them into strategic advantages for your organization.
  • Radical Innovation
    Explore groundbreaking approaches to innovation, fostering your ability to think disruptively and drive transformative changes within your organization
  • Digital and Responsible Innovation
    Embrace the digital era responsibly, while igniting innovation that not only revolutionizes your industry but also addresses societal and environmental concerns, fostering a sustainable future
  • Technology Management
    Acquire the knowledge and frameworks to effectively manage and leverage technology, empowering you to stay ahead in the dynamic technological landscape
  • Leadership for Transformation
    Gain valuable insights from leadership research, enabling you to identify the capabilities, strategies, and tactics employed by effective leaders to inspire teams and guide organizations through complex and uncertain times of change.
  • Innovation & Strategy
    Explore the theoretical intersections of innovation and strategic thinking, contemplating innovative theories that shape strategic decision-making and drive long-term impact.

International Study Tours

Embark on a transformative learning experience with a study tour in Europe, where you will gain firsthand exposure to innovative practices and diverse business cultures.

While most of the program takes place in Shanghai, you will be invited to participate each year in a study tour to Paris, France, or another international destination.

Each study tour lasts one week and comprises one or two courses, as well as a mix of conferences, company visits and cultural and networking activities.

Methodology workshops

In our DBA program, methodology workshops serve as a platform for students to directly apply their acquired knowledge to address their own research and business challenges. These interactive sessions bridge theory and practice, empowering participants to develop practical skills while making progress toward their thesis. With the dedicated support of doctoral coaches, students receive personalized guidance to refine their research methodologies and pave the way for impactful solutions in their respective business domains.

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