Be the change you want to see



Lead the transition to a Circular Economy

Discover the tools, policies, business models, design principles, best practices
and innovative strategies that are being used today to create a better tomorrow.

Get an insider’s
view into the
of Circular Economy


Circular Economy Professional (Foundational)

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You will gain the
knowledge necessary to play
a role in the transition
to a circular economy wherever you work, live,
or study


4 courses
Total dedicated effort

required: 16 hours *

Go beyond and discover
how to implement
Circular Economy on a strategic level


Circular Economy Manager

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*20% Partner Discount 1 Sept 2023

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You will understand the
deeper aspects of circular economy:
The importance of strategic design, value cycles, and partnerships

8 courses
Total dedicated effort
required: 30 hours *

Understand Circular Economy 360 degrees and choose additional topics you care most about


Circular Economy Professional

*25% Alumni Discount 1 Sept 2023

*20% Partner Discount 1 Sept 2023

*10% Newsletter Discount 1 Sept 2023

Become a thought leader in the domain and start accelerating the transition from the current linear model to a more circular economic model

12 courses

Total dedicated effort required: 45 hours *

The goals of our courses are to...

1) Upskill professionals, looking to gain a knowledge-based competitive advantage and advance their careers in the CE field.

2) Help companies and public organizations with their transition to a circular economy.


Who is it for?


More people are being encouraged to upskill themselves in a more green profile to meet the demands of increasingly climate-conscious employers. As companies move towards carbon-neutral and sustainable operations, employees need a solid understanding of the circular economy principles.


Drive change toward successful circular economy integrations requires engagement at all levels of the workforce.
Our courses can help you to upskill and retrain your employees to align with the organization's sustainability goals.


Increase your knowledge and personal leadership around circularity!

  • Get tools on circularity and circular business management
  • Learn what opportunities the circular economy offers and apply them in your organization
  • Understand how to generate growth without consuming finite resources or producing waste. 
  • Learn about the power of network and supply chain collaboration
  • Learn to make the circular policy objectives actionable

After our courses you...

  • will recognize circular opportunities and convert them into concrete initiatives
  • are a sparring partner and know how to get circular chain initiatives off the ground
  • will be able to put processes in place to become more circular
  • set stakeholders in motion to contribute to circularity in the value chain
  • will harness the power of Circular Economy principles paving the way for a sustainable future.

Prefer taking courses individually?