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Who still thinks the future is linear?

We are glad to announce our next online roundtable which will be part of the High-Level Futures Literacy Summit organized by UNESCO from 8-12 Dec.

Join us as several graduates share the fun, surprise, and excitement of their Executive DBA journey.

This event will be hosted by Dr. Suman Modwel, Emeritus Professor at École des Ponts Business School, who will be joined by:

– Dr. Monisha Bhalla, Vesperience Ltd
– Martin Calnan, Director of Executive Education, EPBS
– Roslina Chai, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Mediator
– Dr. Giorgos Dimitriou, Director of the Circular Economy Research Center at EPBS
– Alon Rozen, Dean and Professor of Innovation, EPBS
– Dr. Serban Toader, Chartered Accountant & Consultant
– Dr. Paul Thurman, Columbia University

Please click here to register and attend the roundtable!


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