Who we are?

Old students… perhaps, but a team at work and a team to help, a team for you and your ideas.

TOGETHER we have to BUILD new challenges: Getting together with simplicity, openness, networking and enthusiasm.

I am Dr Ali AFDJEI, President of the Alumni Association, Pierre Yves Rodet is your General Secretary, and we will have the wonderful help of Linda Crofton, Director of Alumni Affairs and wellness at École des Ponts Business School.

OUR YEAR IN SHORT: 2017-2018

It was quite the year for us! First and foremost we had some nice gatherings. We found ourselves in a amazing projects and initiatives such as:

  • Launching a “Happy Ponts Gathering” in June at Maison des Ponts 42, Rue Boissière 75116 Paris.
  • We organized a wonderful party at the Scarlett in Paris 6eme before the night of the Graduation Ceremony.
  • We held 2 events with more than 70 participants and a very high quality panel of speakers on Burn Out.

“burn out” qualité de vie au travail
“haute performance pour les entreprises”
“conférence sur le bien-être au travail” “Happiness at Work”


Save the date!

Mark this date on your calendar so you won’t miss what’s next:

Xmas Alumni Party coming up with special fundraising gift sale of honeys and olive oils!

Saturday 8 December-  Champagne Soirée Etoile! 19h30- 21h30

Executive Campus,  77 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris metro Villiers/Miromesnil

Click here to register now !

Don’t hesitate to bring your family and please forward this message to your friends at Ponts Business School and Ponts Alliance to encourage them to come!


EdP Ambassadors

A main project to achieve this year is to launch the 2 or 3 (4 if needed) EdP Ambassadors in each country.

This will be a fantastic tool between us, to be linked, to work together and participate on projects.

The Ambassadors roles would be:

  • To represent, improve and promote EdP in their own country
  • to prepare networking if needed for alumni with a precise project
  • to encourage talented speakers to share their knowledge
  • to be incentive, helping alumni for a travel or a study trip.
  • participate also by conference call and on our social media tools, by sharing ideas between us, participants and teachers from all around the world!
  • It will also help you in your own country to open some doors, I am sure, by also having our support.

We need your talent!  Forward us your candidature to be an AMBASSADOR!

Share also your ideas with the Alumni.

Participate in our gatherings, to connect, learn, create or launch a project.

we are a Great and Big family also!

Be Healthy, Have Fun, and get in touch!


Alumni President…

Contact me on ali_afdjei@hotmail.com




Born in Tehran, February 14, Valentine’s day, with a love of Creativity, Innovation and sharing Dreams for the future.

Studied in Paris

* I am responsible for the Emergency Department of Hôpital Privé de Parly2 since 1997 and practicing Sport Medicine at Versailles.

* Studied and graduate Medicine at the University Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris (Hospital Saint Antoine of Paris AP-HP).

* Graduate then of Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine, and Sport Medicine in Paris.

Furthermore I was encouraged by friends and relatives to do an MBA degree, managing this between my work and shifts in Emergency Department.

My desire and work took me travelling:

*  Mission in South East Asia (Tsunami) and Earthquakes (Bhuj, India) with the Order of Malta.

*  Physician of the rally Paris Dakar and the Rally of Atlas from 1997 until 2001

*  Physician  for the Tennis Club and Rugby Club (Versailles Le Chesnay) and other sports clubs.


Founder of  ECB, Emergency City Bike,  a medicalized motor bike with a Tandem, for  emergencies in case of traffic jam cities and difficult areas to reach, for State emergency Department www.emergencycb.com

Author of children’s books: Yuki the Little Panda  www.yukipanda.com against pain and stress of children at the Emergency Department, and a book on “Burn Out” to help managers, employees and people to be more healthy at work and to lesson stress on their mind and body.


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