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LEONARD partners with École des Ponts Business School

École des Ponts Business School has recently inaugurated its new home on the 5th floor of Leonard:Paris. But there is much more to the relationship than sharing a common space! The move is part of a larger partnership that aims to unleash innovation within the VINCI Group.

All VINCI employees and business units can now take advantage of the business school’s unique network of professors, researchers and experts from around the world:

  • join existing graduate programs geared toward innovation on preferential terms,
  • leverage the business school’s resources to co-create knowledge and experiences tailored to VINCI’s development and upskilling needs,
  • and organize training sessions from the school’s catalog of courses and specialized programs.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’ll be happy to discuss your personal and professional challenges!

Graduate Programs for Leaders and Innovators

LeadTech E-MBA

How can you prepare your teams and yourself to thrive in a rapidly-changing world, and take on new challenging assignments?

This is probably the best program for up and coming VINCI managers – with at least 5 years experience – who want to develop their leadership skills and boost their careers. The LeadTech Executive MBA includes an innovation project that can be oriented towards a VINCI activity.

Special offer for VINCI

Executive DBA

How can you maintain a competitive advantage when disruption is the new normal of business?

The Executive DBA is tailored for VINCI managers and experts – with at least 10 years of experience – eager  to create and share new knowledge on contemporary business challenges. The Executive DBA can use VINCI challenges, innovations and case studies as the focus of the doctoral research.

Special offer for VINCI

Custom and co-Created Programs and Research Initiatives

Innovation Labs

What is the next smart move when uncertainty is the new normal of business?

Co-Innovation is part of the DNA of the school. From top management to field professionals, we help teams unleash their creativity, build a shared vision and drive transformation.

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Custom Programs

How can you grow your talent pool and develop the right skillset to future-proof your organization?

We work with leading and innovative businesses to co-design courses and experiences for all organizational levels. It all starts with a “deep dive”!

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Is it important for you to establish thought leadership in your industry?

Our research teams partner with forward-looking organizations. Together, we co-develop research projects, analyze megatrends and showcase innovative practices.

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Catalog of Courses and Special Programs

What are the skills you need to build up in a time-efficient manner?

Leadership, Agility, Intrapreneurship, Strategy, Finance, Innovation, Operations, etc. Our training portfolio covers the whole spectrum of business and personal transformation.

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Innovation and Strategic Labs & Workshops for VINCI

Innovation and strategic design are not a one-size-fits-all process.

Our network of facilitators and instructors from around the world master a wide range of approaches and methodologies to summon collective intelligence and creativity:

  • Co-Innovation Labs,
  • Futures Literacy Labs (with UNESCO),
  • Learning Labs,
  • Dynamic Business Modeling Workshops,
  • Strategic Workshops,
  • Etc.

Entrepreneurs Inc., Green Recovery Lab, Futures Literacy Lab on Territorial Inclusion… Contact us to learn more on the labs already organized for VINCI, and discuss your key challenges.

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Entrepreneurs Inc., a Co-Innovation Lab conducted for Leonard and the intrapreneurial ecosystem of the VINCI Group – July-Oct. 2019

Custom and co-Created Programs for VINCI

Successfully addressing the challenges of tomorrow, today, requires starting with an empty page, an open mind, and the ability to gain a 360° understanding of your organization and your training objectives. That is something we call the “deep dive”.

Each deep dive is different and takes multiple forms – an exploratory audit, a review of relevant business and academic literature, a study of related technologies and start-ups, discussions with a wide range of experts, including labs and researchers, etc. Only once we are sure we have a deep enough understanding and that we are asking the right questions, do we co-design the specifics of a program with and for our participants and/or their management.

The prism of research, expert, industry, start-up, and business perspectives, augmented by relevant technical expertise and our proprietary co-design process allows us to create programs that are not only unique, but also uniquely able to catalyze long-lasting impact in people and their organizations.

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Alon Rozen, Dean and Professor of Innovation
Keynote Speech at Leonard:Paris

Research, Insights and Thought Leadership

How can you gain clarity on complex and ambiguous business challenges?

Today, École des Ponts Business School has four main research initiatives: the Circular Economy Research Center (CERC), our UNESCO Chair on Futures Literacy & Anticipatory Systems, the Center for Advanced Studies and Expertise (CASE): AFRICA, and the CPC-Paris (Center for Policy and Competitiveness).

The school is also developing additional research initiatives dedicated to Technology Management, Agility & Digital Transformation, to Advanced Leadership, and more. EPBS is a founding partner in the B Academy of B Lab France which is performing research on companies linking purpose and profit.

Writing a case study on one of your success stories and publishing a peer-reviewed article are some of the ways to build a learning organization and establish thought leadership in your industry;

Start a thought-provoking discussion

Paper on the IDEAL Cities research project presented at the 1st Harvard Circular Economy Symposium in March 2020 by Dr. Giorgos Demetriou, Director of the CERC at École des Ponts Business School.

Catalog of Courses and Special Programs for VINCI

All of the school’s specialized programs are available in French and English. A full range of programs, e-learning courses and experiences are being developed with Leonard for the VINCI Group. The list below provides an overview of the type of training we are currently running. Don’t hesitate to inquire about particular topics, our professors and instructors have much more to offer!


Agile foundations
Agile in practice
Scaling agile
Scaling start-ups
Agile organization and HR
Managing agile transformation


Ideation – Idea generation / Problem-solution fit
Conception – Business engine / Value proposition engine
Commitment – Production engine / Financial instruments
Validation – Growth strategies / Operations
Scaling – Production engine / Organizational design
Establishment – Continuous innovation / Agility at scale


Circular Economy and new business models
Design thinking
Lean startup & prototyping
Business modeling and new venture creation
Leading with new technologies (blockchain, AI, Industry 4.0)
Beyond budgeting
Marketing of innovative products

Leadership & Strategy

Coaching superpowers for executives
Leadership, teams and emotional intelligence
Leading the corporate strategy
Business negotiations
Decision-making models
e-Leadership: enabling technology & disruptive strategy
Business in society: CSR & ethics
Leadership retreat
Strategic analysis and management
Managing complexity and critical thinking


Managerial Accounting
Accounting & Financial Analysis
Project & Corporate Finance: Financial performance and Valuation
Project & Corporate Finance: Corporate valuation


Communicating with Impact
Marketing & Brand Management
Social Media & Branding

Operations, Organization & HR

Operations & value chain management
Strategic Technology Management
Project Management
Enterprise and Risk Management
Talent & Change Management

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Key point of contact for VINCI:

Martin Calnan
Director of Executive Education
+33 6 64 83 20 16

As part of the partnership, the entire catalog of programs of the school is open to all VINCI personnel with advantageous conditions. For example, fast-track admissions and preferential rates for the highly innovative LeadTech Executive MBA and the internationally-accredited Executive Doctorate of Business Administration.