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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program awarded to Junaid Malik

Full time MBA 2020, from Pakistan, Junaid’s business verticals deal with mass scale digitalization projects, disruptive data science technologies and digital products.

Junaid, the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence – what is it about?

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, established and financed by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is designed to enable France’s growing higher education sector by granting ‘excellence’ scholarships to top foreign talent to pursue their higher studies in France. The program’s vision is to provide adequate means and opportunities to future foreign decision-makers of the public and private sectors in certain priority areas of studies.

Only 320 Masters applicants are selected for this coveted scholarship. What made the difference in your application?

I believe I got the edge over many capable candidates due to two main reasons. One being my presence in France at the time of my application, which allowed me to become acclimated to the pace at which France’s industries, especially technology, are evolving. Secondly, being familiar with the French market allowed me to better present concrete ideas for how I plan to capitalize on my education and use the catalyzing environment which surrounds me here.

How has getting the Scholarship helped you?

As an international student, there’s no shying away from the fact that life in Paris makes you check your bank balance multiple times a day. Between managing studies, part-time work, an incubated startup, and personal life, not having to worry about finances will go a long way in helping me have a laser-like focus on making the best of my MBA and the opportunities it presents daily.

The Scholarship also helps you towards discovering the city, sports, and culture. What’s on your to-do list?

Admittedly, being enrolled in a full-time MBA program had been an inhibitor for absorbing the true essence of Paris. Therefore, more than anything, I’m looking forward to the Eiffel Program’s events and excursions, where I’ll get a chance to meet other recipients of the award from all over the world and take some notes from their roadmaps for their future in France.

I know you have some people you wanted to thank at the school for their help.

I definitely do. Receiving this scholarship would not have been possible without the help of a number of people: Hina and Karen for believing in me, Isaac for being spot-on at every stage with what the program’s jury was looking for in applicants, and most of all, Agnes for powering through the obscure, lengthy application process with me.

Having attained the Eiffel Scholarship Program, what’s your next challenge?

I intend to stay true to the nature of my MBA by proving my mettle as one of France’s next wave of innovators, from one of its finest schools.


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