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QUIZ: What’s your Leadership & Career Development potential? 

Get a sense of what makes you unique and how to maximize your potential.

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      Do you want to…

  • get the job you excel at and enjoy?

  • set up successful business ventures?

  • lead with vision and inspire others?

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1. Determine your score on each of the 6 leadership attributes shared by high potential individuals who thrive in the complex and fast-moving digital era.

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2. Identify your own leadership style with customized feedback on your unique ability to create a culture of innovation.

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3. Unleash your potential to drive change confidently and mobilize all the dimensions essential in an Emerging Leader, caring for people and embracing next generation business trends.

Set yourself up to navigate in today’s uncertain world

If you are ready to find out what type of leader you are and how you can get to the next level, the Leadership & Career Development Quiz is the first step to realizing your full potential.

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This Quiz has been developped by Xavier Garcia-Weibel, Lead Coach of the LeadTech Global Executive MBA program at Ecole des Ponts and EADA Business School.

The LeadTech E-MBA is transformational by design and places emphasis on experiential and peer-to-peer learning. A series of residential modules are offered throught the program : Leading Oneself, Leading with Authenticity, Leading Others, Leading Change and Agile Leadership. They blend introspective practices, experiential activities and implementation of new models and frameworks, to allow participants to form new habits and achieve their leadership potential.

The one-to-one executive coaching sessions provide an additional layer of individual attention. Each executive coach holds a recognized certification both for coaching and for leadership development. Their role is to provide, invite participants to explore new dimensions and focus on each participant’s personal goals.

Ultimately, with the LeadTech leadership and development program, participants design their dream career and adopt their own leadership style as they embark on a journey to create the life they want to lead.