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LEADTECH Global Executive MBA

Paris – Barcelona – Singapore – Silicon Valley

Tech-aware leadership is the future

The LeadTech Global Executive MBA (Paris – Barcelona – Singapore – Silicon Valley) focuses on balancing both the knowledge of what’s happening in the outside world with a deeper understanding of your inside world.
Regardless of your industry, your position or your level of expertise, you need to be better prepared to face the unforeseeable disruption coming in the years ahead and to lead your teams safely across choppy waters.
Leading change is the new normal you will have to face as a manager. To do so you need a new and expanded mindset. This calls for a new approach to business education, one that can prepare you today for the rigors of tomorrow.
This is why EADA Business School and École des Ponts Business School have joined forces and distilled the expertise of each school into a unique avant-garde Executive MBA in Paris, Barcelona, and globally, focused on:

Leadership & human centricity Technology awareness Innovation management

Watch a short video introduction by Jordi Diaz, Associate Dean at EADA Business School

Discover a next-generation Global Executive MBA in Paris, Barcelona and globally

Program objectives

We have designed this program for high-potential managers and experts – both technical and a non-technical profiles.

Our curriculum is a joint effort of our teams at Ecole des Ponts and EADA, and leverages the expertise of both schools. It serves two key objectives, to train the next generation of business leaders:

  • Understand the full impact of emerging technologies to be able to communicate about them simply
  • Learn how to lead and manage effectively and with agility in an increasingly technological world

(interactive and experiential)
Prep courses, simulations,
leadership coaching
(blended learning)
residential modules

Welcome to a journey of active learning and self-discovery

The LeadTech Global Executive MBA (Paris – Barcelona – Singapore – Silicon Valley) will help you anticipate, face and drive disruption. Only by developing a human-centric mindset will you be able to design the innovative business models of the future. Throughout the program, participants will get a chance to design their own products and services using technology as an enabler, and they will help companies solve some of their issues linked to technology and innovation in quarterly-scheduled corporate challenges.

  • Week #1 – Barcelona: Leading Yourself and Others in today’s Tech World
  • Week #2 – Paris: Design Thinking, Digital Innovation & Technology Management
  • Week #3 – Barcelona: Authenticity in Leading Others, Communicating with Impact & Empowered Marketing
  • Week #4 – Silicon Valley: Immersive Learning Experience
  • Week #5 – Singapore: Immersive Learning Experience
  • Week #6 – Paris: Strategy, Value Chain Management & Circular Economy
  • Week #7 – Barcelona: Leading in a VUCA World, Leading in Society
  • Week #8 – Paris: Startup Bootcamp: Innovation & Technology Management by Design

We invite you to download the brochure for a detailed presentation of the curriculum.

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Book an individual consultation with our LeadTech Executive MBA Paris Team

  • What is my dream career and what are the challenges that may be sabotaging my success?
  • Which type of skills and leadership style should I develop to reach my full potential?
  • Do I have the right profile to join a top-ranked global program?

What would a better version of yourself be like?

Work on your future self with a coach.

We believe that a Global Executive MBA is not just an academic program. You are undertaking a transformative journey which will take you to the career you’re dreaming of.

The next steps in your career path will ultimately be determined by your specific experience, your own skill set, personality, and objectives. It is thus natural that career guidance should be a one-to-one affair.

A personal coach, chosen from our pool of talented coaches, will work with you to effectively:

  • prioritize your career objectives,
  • optimally leverage your Global Executive MBA,
  • successfully accentuate strengths and attenuate weaknesses,
  • and, ultimately, achieve the life you want to lead.

Format & Locations
  • Duration: 14 months
  • 3 residential weeks in Paris, France
  • 3 residential weeks in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2 immersions: Silicon Valley & Singapore
  • 6 online courses
  • Individual executive coaching
Dates & Deadlines
  • Next intake:
    26 September 2021
  • Admissions deadline:
    21 July 2021
Tuition & fees
  • Tuition: €42,000 per participant
  • Scholarships availables
  • Check with our Admissions Team for Early Bird rates and deadlines
  • Tuition covers shared expenses for one study trip (accomodation and group activities)


Ask your questions to our Admissions Team
+33 1 6415 2212

Spanish candidates may also contact our colleagues at EADA Business School:
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