Program Structure -

Program Structure

The first project-based Global Executive MBA

A pioneering curriculum based on a backbone of 3 Executive Projects

Project-Based Global Executive MBA Curriculum

At École des Ponts Business School, we consider that innovating in the classroom is crucial to adjust to the complexities of the digital age. The Global Executive MBA program is now “project-based”. It means that the backbone to the entire program are three 6-month projects where you will be confronted with real-life business challenges while serving your own career objectives:

  1. The Personal Leadership Development Project
  2. The Strategic Development Project
  3. The Innovation Development Project

Each E-MBA course further adds to the business and management skill-set necessary to succeed in these real-world projects. Our courses combine MBA case-study and problem-based learning with group work and online pedagogical resources. For each course, the professor will provide some feedback on your final assignment, designed as a direct contribution to the project you are currently completing.

Over the course of the three terms – Leading People & Teams, Leading Business Performance and Leading Innovation & Agility – you will gain first-hand knowledge, understanding and experience. You will also develop an agile and innovative mindset you will apply to business, management and leadership all through your career. This aptitude will definitely make a difference when you are facing a shifting environment or a new challenge.

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Program Format & Schedule

  • The Executive MBA program starts each year in January with a second intake in July.
  • The program runs over 18 months.
  • In-residence program modules are taught in our special one weekend a month format starting on Friday at 09:00 to Sunday at 19:00.
  • All classes are taught in English by internationally renowned professors
  • The Global Executive MBA includes a mandatory study trip to Philadelphia (USA), home to the Fox School of Business, with a focus on leading transformation. We also offer an optional study trip to the Silicon Valley (USA) with a focus on innovation ecosystems & new venture creation. Each study trip is approximately one week long and includes preparatory lectures, pre-visit readings, company visits and high-level guest speakers.  

The World Is Your Campus

In addition to taking classes in Paris and Philadelphia, you can seize the opportunity to maximize your international experience with no additional registration fees. Develop your own business network by attending classes at École des Ponts Business School and Fox partner overseas programs where you will meet some of the most innovative international senior executives.

  • Paris, France
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Philadelphia, USA
  • Bogotta, Colombia
  • Tokyo, Japan