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Full Time MBA Program Structure

Innovating in the classroom

The academic program of the MBA in Innovation Management is the result of our 30 years of experience in delivering MBAs in Paris and around the world. We consistently challenge our professors, the program content and the pedagogy to continuously evolve and adapt to the desires of participants and the requirements of employers. We consider that some of our latest innovations are crucial to adjust to the complexities of the digital age. The program is now “project-based” which means that the backbone to the entire program are three 3-month projects that run in parallel to the course work. The three projects are 1/ a social impact project, 2/ an in-company consulting project and 3/ a start-up challenge to create your own business.

Each MBA course further helps add to the business and management skill-set necessary to succeed in these real-world projects and allows participants to test their course learning immediately via applied project practice.  Our courses thus combine MBA case-study and problem-based learning pedagogical methods with group work, real-world examples and experiences, as well as learning outside of class (action learning, inverted classrooms, MOOCs, serious games, etc.).

As you now know, our curriculum offers a unique experiential-learning experience: by leading these projects you will gain first-hand knowledge, understanding and experience while acquiring an agile and innovative mindset you will apply to business, management and leadership all through your career. This aptitude will definitely make a difference when you are confronted with a new challenge, an uncertain environment and, especially, when you explain to a top recruiter why your MBA is different than all of the others – meaning why they should hire you!

The program is divided in three terms:

  • Leading & Managing
  • Business Performance
  • Innovative & Agile Mindset

During these three terms, École des Ponts Business School also offers you the Leadership & Career Development Program, where our talented career and leadership coaches will guide you beyond your confort zone to new insights about you, your passions, the right career for you, and how to get it. Beyond the individual, they will also inspire the whole cohort to ensure your MBA transformation as a cohesive group – supporting each other and helping each other to succeed.

Customize your schedule and curriculum

Study Trips

In addition to the mandatory core courses, MBA participants are invited to participate in two study trips:

  • the Silicon Valley, USA (optional) – one week in San Francisco and the Bay Area visiting the world’s leading businesses, business schools, venture capitalists, think tanks, and more.
  • Brussels, Belgium – one week in Brussels to Hack-an-App, which involves creating a digital platform and application for your business.

Final Project

Toward the end of your 10 months of coursework, your last project will be a “start-up challenge” in which you will outline the creation of a company you intend to or would like to create and pitch it to a group of potential investors. The idea is to put to use the full range of MBA skills (the “MBA toolbox”) that you will have acquired during your MBA to demonstrate that you master the big picture of creating, developing and running a business. Some of you will actually create the company at the end of your studies, others may decide that the timing is not right yet, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have a relative mastery of the innovation and company creation process and all of the MBA skills that this requires. 

Flexible Format

École des Ponts’ MBA in Innovation Management is offered full-time with a duration of 12 to 15 months. Tuition fees amount to €32,000 for individuals or €35,500 for company-sponsored participants.

The program is also offered in a flexible format where participants have 2 to 3 years to complete all graduation requirements. Together with a personal academic advisor, each participant designs a schedule consistant with one’s career goals and time constraints. Tuition fees for the flexible MBA amount to €40,000.

Your Campus is the Word

During the Study Trips to Brussels, you will discover how to design your own digital app and platform and create innovative strategies to set up your business. The learning expedition to the Silicon Valley will introduce you to the world leading ecosystem of entrepreneurship and new venture creation.
Our study trips include a mix of lectures, meetings with high-profile guest speakers and, most importantly, visits to local and international companies. Participants report that study trips are unique opportunities to apply and further develop their MBA skills; they also inspire new business ideas and help them establish connections with local alumni and prospective partners.
The Full Time MBA in Innovation Management also offers the flexibility to take additional electives or catch up some of the mandatory courses – at no extra academic cost – in one of the other Ponts and E-MBA programs in Paris and Casablanca



Full Time MBA Curriculum

A focus on Innovation Management for a Global Economy

The École des Ponts MBA in Innovation Management is designed to equip its participants with a full set of skills and the knowledge with which to face a competitive and fast-moving world. To achieve this, they follow a very intensive and highly demanding program, with a truly unique project-based curriculum, in order to gain a firm practical understanding of the business practices, management trends and innovation methods that make a difference at every level of business locally and globally.

The first two weeks of the program, in Paris, are dedicated to an orientation period enabling the participants to acquire the fundamental tools to succeed in their MBA journey. It is composed of four 2-day modules:

  • Case Study Learning and Writing
  • Business Communications
  • Primer on Math & Business Statistics
  • Primer on Accounting

Finance & Economics for Global Managers

  • Business Economics
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance

International Business & Marketing Strategies

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Integration: Business Simulation
  • Growth Strategies for SMEs
  • Global Risk Management

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Strategies for IT & e-Business
  • Innovation Management & Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Study Trip to the Silicon Valley
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Business Plan Development

Managing & Leading in the face of Complexity

  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Understanding Organizations
  • Managing People
  • Social Responsibility of Business

Excellence in Business Performance

  • Operations Management
  • Business Negotiations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Decision- Making Models
Internship opportunity

At the end of the program, starting in July, program participants have the opportunity to pursue an internship of two to five months. This allows participants to apply and test the skills acquired during the MBA, and for international participants, it allows them to gain European real-world professional experience and add it their CVs.

The internship can be anywhere in the world, as it is meant to serve as a springboard for participants’ professional development and enable them to demonstrate their ability to perform at a higher level – often leading to opportunities to transform the internship into a long-term work contract.

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Full Time MBA Acceleration

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