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École des Ponts Full Time MBA in Innovation Management


A project-based MBA to radically transform yourself and your career

In a world where change is accelerating and disruption is the new normal for many industries, investing in a “conventional” MBA may not be the best move to boost your career right now. At the École des Ponts Business School, we have taken a bold move to completely redesign our Full-Time MBA in Innovation Management to create unparalleled value and a “WOW!” experience for our participants.

How did we do this? Well we looked to incubators, accelerators, innovation labs and avant-garde programs around the world for inspiration. The result, a revolutionary new approach we are calling the “project-based MBA” – a next-generation MBA which takes an ultra-modern and unconventional approach to get you the career you want and deserve!

Alon Rozen
Dean & Associate Professor of Innovation & Management

Ranked #1 worldwide by CEO Magazine since 2015

Our Full Time MBA program is accredited by AMBA has been ranked #1 in the world by CEO Magazine. It was also ranked #1 worldwide by the International Graduate Forum in 2016.

The power of project-based learning

Innovating in the classroom

Each course combines the traditional MBA case-study pedagogy and group work with real-life experiences and learning outside of class, including e-learning modules and serious games.

Most importantly, the curriculum is based on a backbone of experiential learning: by leading projects, you will gain first-hand practice and acquire a ‘learn-apply-test-iterate’ approach to business and leadership. This aptitude will definitely make a difference when you are confronted to a new challenge or an uncertain environment all through your career.

Learning, doing, being... thriving

The academic year is divided into three terms. Classes are scheduled accordingly to serve the three key projects of your MBA. You will participate in parallel in the Leadership and Career Development Program. As a result, you will have the opportunity to learn, do, and experience your soft skills along the way.

Study trip to the heart of worldwide innovation

An immersion in the heart of the most innovative companies in the world

What if you got the chance to meet with high-level managers from the innovation ecosystem of the Silicon Valley? Talk about their strategies and the challenges they are facing today, all in a very intimate and friendly environment?

Our MBA participants are invited to join our international study trips organized yearly to the Silicon Valley and Belgium. They include a mix of lectures, meetings with high-profile guest speakers and, most importantly, visits to local and international companies. Participants report that study trips are unique opportunities to apply and further develop their MBA skills; they also inspire new business ideas and help them establish connections with local alumni and prospective partners.

Naturally, the study trip to the Silicon Valley is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and venture creation while the study trip to Belgium has a focus on innovation and design thinking.

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Leadership & Career Development Program

Your career transformation starts now

At three key moments throughout the program, you will engage in a two-day leadership retreat. Our team of talented career and

leadership coaches will guide you beyond your comfort zone. They will also inspire the whole cohort to make sure you succeed in your MBA transformation as a group.

The four half-day seminars are designed to equip you with the career and job-hunting skills necessary to thrive in the corporate world and in start-ups as well: personal branding, social media, individual and group interview techniques, user cases, job fairs and networking.

As the next steps in your career path are determined by your specific experience, skill set, personality and objectives, it is also natural that career guidance should be a one-to-one affair. A personal coach will work with you to effectively prioritize your objectives, successfully accentuate your strengths, optimally leverage your MBA, and, ultimately, embrace the new career you aspire to.

Expand your skill set 360°

Adding WOW! to the learning experience

The MBA in Innovation Management is a unique experience that will not only boost your career bust also have a major impact on your personal development. You will enjoy a dynamic learning environment composed of interactive classes, case studies, workshops, international study trips and business simulations.

As you may know, an MBA program is as much about learning from your professors as learning from your peers. In a typical MBA classroom, you will mix with 30 fellow participants from more than 15 different nationalities, a whole set of diverse backgrounds, and with an average 7 to 8 years of work experience. In and out of class, during networking activities and with your coach, you will be urged to cultivate your emotional intelligence, analyze the impact you are making in cross-cultural or trans-disciplinary contexts and, ultimately, develop your personal leadership style.

Jessie Chapman (USA)Founder, TexaQ

Amarou AW (Senegal)Senior Consultant, Mars & CO

Verna Mugot (Philippines)Regional Solutions Analyst, Pernod-Ricard

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  • – Identify my assets and the ways to achieve my career goals
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With a multicultural student body and visiting faculty aorund the world, you will gain a truly global experience and learn the true meaning of diversity.

Average Work Experience:
MBA7 years
Executive MBA12 years
Executive DBA19 years
Average Class Size28
Current participants worldwide319
Average post-MBA salary increase 26%
International Students 90%

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