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Join École des Ponts Business School in October 2018

We are proud to offer different scholarships to Full-Time MBA in Innovation Management applicants.  We are thrilled and want to include talented MBA candidates!

More good news!

If the number of quality applications exceeds the number of full-tuition scholarships available, our Admissions Committee will also grant 3 half-tuition (50%) scholarships and 3 quarter-tuition (25%) scholarships.

Who should apply?

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who want to change the world they live in! Who should apply? Applicants who:
• have an entrepreneurial dream to build a better world, or
• are highly involved in community service, or
• are current or aspiring social entrepreneurs/innovators.

You must also meet our admissions requirements and demonstrate unique qualities in your personal or professional endeavors.

Application Deadline

Scholarships are open to applicants enrolling in the next Full-Time MBA in Innovation Management starting in October 2018. These merit-based scholarships will be awarded to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be submitted no later than 11 pm CEST on 17 August 2018.

Celebrating our three EU research grants

École des Ponts Business School’s new Circular Economy Reseach Center (CERC) has just received not one, not two but THREE grants from the European Union for research projects that will have an impact on the future of business and the future of society!

  • CEIoT (Circular Economy and Internet of Things)
  • IDEAL Cities (Smart Cities + IoT + CE)
  • I-BiDaaS (Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution)

Send us your CV and find out if you qualify! *

*  Our Full-Time MBA in Innovation Management starts in October. We encourage you to start your application right now.

As soon as you have completed 70% of your application, our team will contact you to organize your online or on-campus admissions interview.

Application fees will be waived for scholarship-eligible candidates.

Discover what a project-based MBA can do for you!

Don't settle for a ``conventional`` MBA.

This is the Full-Time MBA you're looking for!

We are a not a big school. We are a boutique-Silicon-Valley style business school with a very big reputation (you know, the French Grande Ecole thing) and we take pride in giving our participants the best MBA experience with a human touch.

We are not into cut-throat competition. Call us “crunchy granola” but we want you to aim for the top with cooperation, collaboration and people skills.

We don’t have tenured professorships. We have the most elite up-to-date experts in their fields who love their craft. We fly in the best professors from around the world to give you a global perspective.

We are not an expensive MBA factory. We believe in giving you access to a world-class education with proximity and hands-on implementation so you can stay true to your dreams and ambitions.

If you want to dive deep into the heart of innovation and learn how to inspire and create an innovative mindset…

If you are not afraid to practice active introspection to work on your post-MBA project with your personal coach

If you want to grow as a future leader and go beyond your comfort zone…

If you want to live a unique transformational experience that will unlock a full range of professional opportunities, perhaps some you may never have thought of before…

Then you have found your MBA! It’s not too late to apply — we’re accepting applications until mid-September.

Jessie Chapman (USA)Founder, TexaQ

Amarou AW (Senegal)Senior Consultant, Mars & CO

Verna Mugot (Philippines)Regional Solutions Analyst, Pernod-Ricard

Learn more about Circular Economy and the CERC at École des Ponts Business School

Visit our Circular Economy Research Center page to find out more of what we are doing.