Executive MBA for Business Agility

How do you prepare your people
for disruption?

In a hyper-competitive environment, where the rules of the game are changing every day, and both people and organizations are naturally resistant to change, the way forward must challenge the most basic tenets of traditional management. It is not just tools and methods, but mindsets that will have to shift.

Executive MBA for Business Agility

To navigate this constantly changing environment and adapt their way of creating value, working and collaborating as required, tomorrow’s managers will need to embody a new attitude that embraces adaptability and change.
Agile methods are no longer just for IT, it is the future of business!

Watch an interview of Christophe Conticello (Wemanity) and Martin Calnan (École des Ponts Business School) on France’s leading business TV channel

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A whole new approach to developing talent

Our goal is to reboot participant mindsets! Because what is needed today is a new approach to tomorrow. One that blends both the advantages of a startup (lean, innovative, dynamic, driven) AND the advantages of a large company (resources, scale, processes, talent, time).
This requires a team of doers, who are also ambassadors, interpreters and change agents, to bridge the gap between the two worlds. Beyond the support of top management, a successful transformation effort must be led at the grassroots level because it requires a fundamental change in behavior – both individual and organizational. New tools or management methods do not a culture make.

  • 18 months
  • 3 days per month
  • 7 seasons
  • 14 waves
  • Immersive learning
Next Intake
  • October 2019
  • Program location: Paris / Brussels / Amsterdam
  • Learning expeditions: San Francisco / Tallinn
Tuition fees
  • €68,000 per participant

Is this the right program to future-proof your organization?

We invite you to meet Martin Calnan, our Director of Executive Education
  • How do you create an agile organization and train managers to implement it?
  • How can you change your DNA (mindsets, culture and attitudes) in order to start embracing uncertainty?
  • How can you build new forms of collaboration and collective intelligence to tackle complexity?
  • What skills do your people need to future-proof your organization?

E-MBA for Business Agility: Program Structure

To create a deep and lasting impact on participants and their organizations, we have challenged the most basic assumptions of program design. As such, the Executive MBA for Agility has thrown out the “rule book”. This begins by changing even the vocabulary: the program is structured around seasons, waves, tribes and squads.

A special wave sets the stage, expectations and initiates the reboot at the beginning of the program. A second special wave concludes the journey at the end.

Each of the seven seasons includes 2 waves and an immersive learning experience. One wave focuses on contemporary management methods. The immersive experience ensures that participants learn from the companies successfully deploying agile today. The second wave allows to do a deep-dive into agile methods and leverage them in their own organizations.

The learning path

A transformational journey led by a team of inspirational guides

Individual perspectives become a shared vision

The Executive MBA for Business Agility is a program co-created by École des Ponts Business School and Wemanity.

École des Ponts Business School is accredited by the Association of MBAs.

Adaptation, led by Christian Clot, is our scientific partner

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