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Is an Executive DBA the right move for me?


We invite you to watch this short video to understand how, why and for whom we’ve designed our Executive DBA Program in Paris!

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Is it time to develop your thought leadership?

How can you efficiently leverage your knowledge, experience and expertise to become a recognized expert in your field and a trusted advisor?

Can you back your ideas and your vision with evidence-based material?

Can you educate your audience with your own case studies and publications? 


How do you package everything that you’ve learned throughout your career and finally use it to make an impact, and open the door to a whole world of promising futures?

  • If you have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience
  • If you are an experienced business manager or expert who would like to frame and formalize your knowledge, methods and experience and communicate them to a wider audience…
  • If you are an experienced professional and you think that you have gained specific knowledge throughout your career that is worth sharing with others


Then we can help you create your own professional space

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration designed by the École des Ponts Business School in Paris, is a professional doctoral degree designed to allow professionals like you to leverage their experience, share their expertise…

  • and gain entry to increasingly senior management and governance roles…
  • or take advantage of senior consulting opportunities that require recognized expertise…
  • or create opportunities to share what you know by teaching at renowned business schools and universities.

Founded in 1747, by royal decree of King Louis XV, the École des Ponts ParisTech has a longstanding tradition of training pioneers, inventors and business leaders. Among our Alumni still in activity, we’re proud to count 4 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and a Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.


The executive DBA program is for “thinkers and doers”, that is for people who prefer practice over theory. Unlike most PhD programs. The executive DBA is tailored for individuals like you who want to complement their practical knowledge and professional experiences with frameworks, models and research in a time-efficient and effective way in order to share your own unique approach with others, and to further establish yourself as an expert in your field.

A unique approach to your doctoral journey

The curriculum of the executive DBA integrates three unique elements:

  1. a learning lab experience
  2. highly-structured research methods courses and …
  3. an innovative 3-part doctoral project

that work together to create an experience that will be a tipping point in your life and career.

1. First, the Learning Labs:  A reflexive and agile learning experience

The program includes two learning labs where you will…

  • explore the contours of your doctoral journey using agile methods and group intelligence,
  • define and explore what is unique about your own area of expertise…
  • understand how to create “brain trusts”, groups of peers to support you through your journey…
  • and identify the areas where your work can create the most value for your career and society.

The Learning Labs help you think reflexively about the meaning, structure, and possibility of your doctoral project. They will also make you reflect on the bigger picture of your personal learning path, the evolution of your “practice”, and the contours of your doctoral project.

Those unique “learning labs” are led by Maurizio Travaglini, the founder of Architects of Group Genius, and a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The core of his practice is “co-design,” a topic that lies within the blurred boundaries of innovation, change, learning, and collaboration. By creating a unique space of trust and exploration, Maurizio Travaglini will set you up for a transformational journey.

2. The Research Method Modules:  Helping thinkers to ground practice in frameworks, concepts, models and research

The second core component is the research methods modules. Designed to ensure that the significance and value of your practice is robust and respects the international rigors of the scientific method. They have been designed to empower you to complement the experience acquired through your practice with the application of the right research methods.

These modules are highly structured with a lock-step deliverable process that brings you closer, step-by-step to the advancement of your doctoral project even before you officially start your research.
And now, how are you going to shine in the business world?

3. A doctoral project in only three papers (2 cases + 1 article)

This is the third unique component of the École des Ponts Business School executive DBA. Instead of a long drawn out process, we have designed a special doctoral project that is composed of three elements that allow you to package and share what you know effectively.

A research case, a teaching case and a practice-based article together constitute the doctoral project and create an experience in which progress is continuously tangible and structured on the way to you adding Doctor to your name.

Each doctoral candidate is supervised by a doctoral supervisor with specific knowledge in your area of expertise. You are mentored from start to finish by someone who speaks your language and has an established reputation in your domain.

As you can see, the unique format of the Executive DBA program in Paris is designed to effectively minimize the time required away from your work to attain your professional doctorate, to leverage your knowledge, your professional experience, your expertise and become a highly-valued Consultant and Expert in your field.

With only four residential learning sessions in the center of Paris, with personal supervision by specially-selected doctoral supervisors adapted to your needs and area of interest.

The program has been designed to enable the majority of participants to complete the program within three years. The minimum time estimated to complete the program is two years for special cases (PhDs, PhD ABDs, DBAs, researchers, transfer students, …) and the average expected duration for busy working professionals is 5 years. The maximum duration allowed is 7 years.

Tuition covers the first four years of courses and doctoral supervision. At the end of the fourth year, ungraduated participants will be asked to confirm their commitment via a maintenance of matriculation fee. Any request for exemption to the duration policy must be discussed with the E-DBA Program Director.

École des Ponts Business School invites you to package everything that you’ve learned in your career and finally use it to make a difference, increase your income at top level executive positions, share your expertise through consulting, teaching and leading, and, yes, add Doctor to your name.

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The Executive DBA delivered by École des Ponts Business School is accredited by AMBA, the International Association of MBAs.
École des Ponts Business School is a proud member of the Executive DBA Council