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A message from the Program Director

“Welcome to the École des Ponts Business School’s Executive Doctorate of Business Administration. Our program brings together individuals with widely differing experiences and interests, lwho share one goal: the pursuit of excellence. Beyond excellence, it is our conviction that leadership and management must be anchored in a value system that emphasizes people and society. The school’s motto “in business to make a better world” is also our mission, our vision and a representation of our value system.

The E-DBA program has been designed to be a unique transformational experience that allows you to encapsulate your expertise (or develop a new one) while grounding it in sound academic theory and practice. Unlike other doctoral programs which require a definition of the research you will do ahead of time, our program encourages and helps you to structure the personal exploration you need to find the area that leverages your strengths and experiences, while fueling your passion.

The program offers fundamental and advanced doctoral research modules to develop those research skills that you will need to prepare and develop your doctoral project. Another original aspect of our program is a doctoral project composed of three publishable papers which gives you multiple publication opportunities to share your experience. We are proud to be able to offer you leading international faculty, extensive supervisory and peer-group support, cutting-edge practitioner content that combine to make your E-DBA experience richly rewarding, intellectually stimulating and highly transformational.

I wish you much educational and professional success!”

Dr. Joseph C. Santora
Executive DBA Program Director, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Management

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Admissions Faculty

Admissions Faculty members are responsible for validating the applications of doctoral students for admission. This includes Dr. Joseph Santora, Director of the Program, Dr. Suman Modwel, Emeritus Professor at the École des Ponts Business School and Deputy Director of the Program, as well as Prof. Alon Rozen, Dean of the Business School and professor of innovation.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching faculty members are responsible for leading the residential learning sessions. Subject to change, faculty include:

Doctoral Supervisory Faculty

Doctoral supervisory faculty members are responsible for supervising doctoral candidates throughout the second phase of the program. The doctoral supervisors work directly with E-DBA doctoral candidates, in coordination with the program director, to guide the three doctoral papers required for the doctoral project. Doctoral supervisors have recent and relevant publication experience and mentor doctoral candidates as necessary on each paper both in terms of content (area of expertise) and in form (type of paper or article).

Doctoral candidates can work with one supervisor for the entire program or with up to three different supervisors. Each paper must be accepted by the supervisor, a second reader as well as a program director.

A list of pre-approved doctoral supervisors can be consulted below. This list will be expanded over time as a function of the specific expertise required by the doctoral candidates. Doctoral candidates can also propose their own supervisor(s) who will be vetted and briefed by the Program Director.

  • Dr. Chris Adendorff
  • Dr. Duncan Angwin
  • Dr. Joachim Bauer
  • Dr. Dev Boojihawon
  • Dr. Gil Bozer
  • Dr. Conor Carroll
  • Dr. Alessandro Cavelzani
  • Dr. Daniel Chicksand
  • Dr. Annette Craven
  • Dr. Daphne Halkias
  • Dr. Nickolas Harkiolakis
  • Dr. William Howe
  • Dr. George E. Iatridis
  • Dr. Dominique Jacquet
  • Dr. Tawfik Jelassi
  • Dr. Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Martijn F. Rademakers
  • Dr. Joseph C. Santora
  • Dr. James C. Sarros
  • Dr. Isam Shahrour
  • Dr. Ruilin Tian
  • Dr. Alain Tobelem
  • Dr. Wendy Wan

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee includes faculty members who validate the doctoral projects of DBA candidates. Members of the Scientific Committee have doctorates from leading international institutions of higher learning. In some cases, members have the French title of “habilitation à diriger des recherches” (HDR), which means “accreditation to supervise research”. The members of the Scientific Committee have published in peer-reviewed journals, often peer-review articles for publication in professional journals, are members of journal editorial boards and supervise doctoral dissertations.

The Scientific Committee includes:

  • Dr. Dominique Jacquet
  • Dr. Tawfik Jelassi
  • Dr. Mohan Kumar
  • Dr. Suman Modwel
  • Dr. Joseph Santora


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