Executive DBA in Paris - Harness the Power of Applied Research

Executive Doctorate of Business Administration

Is an Executive DBA the right move for me?

We invite you to watch this short video to understand how,
why and for whom we’ve designed our Executive DBA Program in Paris!

Schedule a phone conversation to learn more on how you can earn your Executive Doctorate in Business Administration while your work, and transform your professional life:

What participants say about their doctoral journey

"It helped me understand who I am, what I do as a professional and where I would like to be as a researcher"
"You can share your experience and make an impact on the World"

Is it time to develop your thought leadership?

How can you efficiently leverage your knowledge, experience and expertise to become a recognized expert in your field and a trusted advisor?

Can you back your ideas and your vision with evidence-based material?

Can you educate your audience with your own case studies and publications?

How do you package everything that you’ve learned throughout your career and finally use it to make an impact, and open the door to a whole world of promising futures?

  • Typical duration: 4 to 5 years
  • Minimum duration:
    2 years (ABDs, PhDs, transfers, etc.)
  • 4 residential weeks in Paris on Year 1
  • Individual supervision on Year 2 and beyond
  • Optional activities offered on Year 2 and beyond (Doctoral Writing Labs, Learning Labs…)
Dates & Deadlines
  • Next intake: 9 November 2020
  • Rolling Admissions
    Application Deadline: 9 October, 2020
  • Early Bird Round #1:
    Enrolment by 15 April 2020 latest
  • Early Bird Round #2:
    Enrolment by 15 June 2020 latest
Admissions Requirements
  • > 10 years of work experience
  • Masters degree, in any field
Tuition & fees
  • Tuition: €44,000 per participant
  • Matriculation fee of €1,000 on Years 2, 3 & 4
  • Scholarships and special rates availables

A unique approach to your doctoral journey

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration has been created to help business leaders challenge their own beliefs. To help you expand your knowledge base and use your own applied research to enhance your thinking and develop new operating models. You will gain a new mental structure and a learning ability that will allow you to master any new area of interest quickly and efficiently.

The curriculum of the executive DBA integrates three unique elements that work together to create an experience that will be a tipping point in your life and career:

  1. Research Methododology Courses
  2. Learning Labs throughout the program
  3. A dissertation divided into three papers

This will empower you to leverage everything you’ve learned throughout your career and use it to make a difference.

The Executive DBA delivered by École des Ponts Business School is accredited by AMBA, the International Association of MBAs.
École des Ponts Business School is a proud member of the Executive DBA Council


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