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Who should apply to the École des Ponts Executive DBA program?


All E-DBA applicants should have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience, and most have significant managerial experience.

MBA or Masters-level education

Most applicants will already have an MBA, E-MBA, or other advanced professional degree (e.g. MSc or LLB).
Business-level English proficiency is required for the first year of the program, although doctoral candidates may later write articles in the language of their choice.


The E-DBA applicant typically has professional expertise as well as an academic leaning. He or she is typically an experienced business manager or expert who would like to frame and formalize his/her knowledge, methods and experience and communicate them to a wider audience. Other E-DBA applicants seek to leverage their experience while establishing their expertise in a new or related area to evolve in step with their sector and/or the broader market.
In essence, the focus of the E-DBA is practical, rather than theoretical. The profile of applicants is therefore different from that of most PhD programs. Our E-DBA program is for “thinkers and doers” or for “doers who are also thinkers”. It is tailored for those individuals who have gained valuable knowledge through their professional experiences and who now are reflecting upon what they have learned formally and informally. Often applicants are looking to ground their practical knowledge in academic best practices and theoretical frameworks.
Furthermore, applicants are often motivated by the desire to share their knowledge in an easy and effective way with others, and to further establish themselves as experts in their field.

Admission Process

In order to be accepted to the E-DBA Program, prospective students must generally hold an advanced degree such as an MBA, E-MBA, specialized Master’s or a comparable graduate business degree (i.e. MIB, MIM, LLB or a degree deemed acceptable by the admissions team). Applicants should also have a minimum of ten years of work experience, preferably demonstrating managerial/leadership skills, increasing levels of managerial/leadership responsibility, and/or a discernible area and level of expertise.
The admission process into the E-DBA program is online and supported by “The Bridge”, our proprietary admissions and Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Applicants are required to follow the ten-step process below:

  • Connect to the online application at
  • Create an account.
  • Pay the admissions fee by credit card.

Once payment is received, you will receive a notice saying that your account was created. A one-time password will be sent to you by e-mail (at the address you provided when creating your account) that allows you to connect to the system and continue the process.
Once connected, you will need to create a personal password.
You then have access to a Dashboard (see below) with the different sections relative to the admissions process – personal information, professional information, academic background and essays. Please note: the tests section does not apply to this degree.
Upload a portrait photo, copies of your graduate level transcripts and/or diplomas, a CV and other information relative to your degrees and professional experience.
Download, complete and upload a document called “Essay questions” (available on the Bridge) in English expressing fully your answers and thoughts about the essay questions.
Once the application file is complete, our admissions team will contact you to schedule an admissions interview either face-to-face at our Paris campus, or via videoconference.
Once the application and the admissions interview are completed you will be contacted with our admissions decision and, if applicable, with a deadline to accept the admissions offer.
Please contact our Admissions Team on +33 (0)1 64 15 22 14 for help, whenever necessary.

Tuition fees

E-DBA tuition fees: €35,000
E-DBA tuition fees for École des Ponts alumni: €26,000
Students transferring from another doctoral program: please contact us
Tuition fees cover all course materials, the residential sessions, doctoral supervision and access to our e-library (notably European Business Source Complete) only. All other expenses relative to the program including accommodation, travel, food and entertainment are at the student’s expense.
The “Admissions offer letter” given to each accepted student details payment conditions and offers to choose from two tuition payment options:
Option A: tuition fees paid in full upon admission
Option B: tuition fees paid in three (3) installments (additional fee of €1,000)
1st installment: payment of €5000 upon acceptance of admissions offer
2nd installment: November 1 (or two weeks before start of first module): 50% of tuition
3rd installment: May 1 (or 6 months after start of first module): remaining tuition (50% – €5000) + €1,000
Tuition fees cover for the normal three-year duration of the program. At the end of three years from the start of the program, in the event that a doctoral candidate has yet to defend their doctoral project, an additional €3,500 per year will be due at the start of each of the two remaining years in order to maintain active doctoral candidate status.

Scholarships and financing

The school has not created a scholarship fund for those interested in pursuing the E-DBA. External grants or funding, depending on the country of origin and/or residence, may be available for the program. In addition, some doctoral students may be able to obtain partial or full tuition funding from their employer and some doctoral students may qualify for government or other forms of financing schemes in their country.
Payment in additional installments can be arranged with the admissions department for an additional financing fee.
Some doctoral students may also qualify for bank loans from one of our partner banks. Special conditions do apply; contact the admissions department for information:
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If you’d like to discuss your doctoral project as well as your career options, and verify that you have the right profile for our Executive DBA, we invite you to book a phone or videoconference meeting with François Blanchet, our Director of Careers & Admissions:

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