Global Business Essentials -

Certificate in Global Business Essentials

This certificate comprises of following modules:

  • Team building and Leadership

This course introduces participants to leadership and teamwork through interactive experiential exercises where participants assume leadership roles and develop productive team activities. Selfassessment questionnaires are used to examine participants’ strengths and areas for further development. Related readings offer students additional viewpoints on leadership and teamwork from theoretical and research perspectives. Participants are asked to apply their learning to problems specific to their organizations.

  • Operations & Supply Chain

This module takes the perspective that we need to understand and be able to analyze businesses at three levels: the process, the operation and the supply network. At a process and operations level, this course will introduce a number of tools, models and techniques to explore how organizations design, deliver and improve services and products for their customers. We will also look at the supply chain process and focus on strategic tools required for effectively designing and managing an operations supply chains.

  • Corporate Strategy


  • Accounting & Financial Analysis

The course has three main objectives: first, to provide participants with a thorough grounding in the measurement principles underlying financial statements; second, to develop participants’ skills in assessing and evaluating an enterprise’s financial performance from published financial statements; third, to lay the essential foundations for subsequent courses in finance, international finance and business valuation.

  • Marketing Management

This course provides an overall view of marketing in a customer-driven firm, focusing on essential marketing skills needed by successful managers in all business functions. Topics include marketing strategy, how individual and organizational consumers make decisions, segmenting markets, estimating the economic value of customers to the firm, positioning the firm’s offering, effective marketing research, new product development, pricing strategies, communicating with consumers, estimating advertising’s effectiveness, and managing relationships with sales force and distribution partners. The course also studies how firms must coordinate these different elements of the marketing mix to ensure that all marketing activities collectively deliver on the marketing strategy. The importance of combining qualitative and quantitative concepts in effective marketing analysis is also examined. The course uses a combination of lectures, class discussion and case analyses. Marketing is a core course and assumes no prior knowledge of marketing.


  • Human Resource & Change Management

In this course, you’ll increase your ability to manage people and maintain a view of the human resource function as an integral part of a total enterprise in both traditional and virtual organizations. You’ll address practical issues of human resource management, such as planning and executing staffing strategies, maintaining influence in the organization, managing the multicultural work force, managing programs for productivity improvement, and planning and managing the human side of organizational change. In addition, the aspect of managing change in organizations