Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management | École des Ponts Business School
What is the one thing newcomer talent,
alternative talent and hidden talent have in common?
That’s right, talent!
Discover how forward-thinking companies are sourcing,
attracting, and training the talent they need
while making a positive impact.


Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management

The best talent is often discovered where one would not usually look. People with non-linear career paths that stretch across sectors and borders, people with qualifications that are not recognized locally – these are the innovators and leaders of the future.
PLACE and École des Ponts Business School have created the Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management (CITM) to reach two main objectives:
1. Identify and train the talent companies need to thrive
2. Accelerate meaningful employment for refugees and migrants in France

Invest in refugee talent in a changing economy


20 refugees and migrants with next-generation skills


120 hours of world-class training and a professional immersion


April-October 2020

Join us now to invest in new talent

Who are the CITM program participants?

In 2020, the CITM program will equip 20 refugees and migrants with next-generation skills and an accelerated pathway to meaningful employment. Carefully-selected students from migrant and refugee backgrounds (typically aged 25-35) will be equipped with the additional skills required to become value-generating innovation project managers for companies and organizations.

How will they learn?

The CITM is where a rapidly changing job market meets newcomers’ potential. With a project-based approach backed by a mix of online and in-class courses, the program is designed to enable migrants to resume their careers in positions that companies have difficulties to fill.

What will they learn?

  • How market changes and societal transformation impact organizations and management practices
  • To leverage digital tools to design and implement agile strategies for innovation and growth
  • To craft sustainable solutions in a complex and uncertain environment
  • To demonstrate and develop leadership and management skills
  • To drive engagement and collaboration in cross-cultural teams
  • And more…

Find out more about participant profiles and how they will grow here!

How can the CITM best serve your company's goals?

The CITM is made possible by partners who are ready to invest in refugee and migrant talent in France.


As a program sponsor, your investment can include:

  • Scholarships for migrant and refugee students*
  • Opportunities to hire students upon completion of the program
  • Opportunities for employee engagement (mentoring, hosting events, guest speakers)


*Option: Nominative scholarships for students selected according to the talent needs of your organization.

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CITM is offered in partnership with PLACE

PLACE is a European project that aims to change the migrant narrative; from one of an economic burden to one of an opportunity for innovation. Its core value is migrant-led innovation: newcomers developing, themselves, the value that host societies need.

PLACE’s work focuses on unlocking the hidden opportunities of newcomer talent and matching it across sectors. Through next-generation training methodologies, newcomers are equipped with the skills they need to thrive in our changing economies. In turn, PLACE works directly with private, public and civil society actors to change the perception of migration and create meaningful opportunities for them to access the innovation-boosting newcomer talent pool.