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Prof. Bob Marx in the spotlight

Dean Alon Rozen gave special words of gratitude at the Alumni AGM to guest of honor, Prof. Bob Marx, professor of Team Building and Leadership. Alumni President Ali Afdjei and Pierre-Yves Rodet held a little Bob Marx moment during the evening where they offered him a special gift from alumni (French chocolates & wine) and then put him to his very own Egg challenge to get the crowd cheering him along. Everyone remembers his class!

Bob Marx has been teaching in our MBA programs in Paris and around the world for over 20 years and although his teaching has changed quite a bit one thing has not – he has an amazing impact on everyone he meets and every participant he teaches. Every cohort has named him one of the three most memorable professors in our program year after year after year.

His humanity, kindness, wisdom and practical insights leave no one indifferent. And we just love him!

Challenge the professor!  We will be working on something different, a podcast episode, with Bob Marx. What would you like to know? Send Linda your questions for him on Team Building and Leadership:


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