Linda Crofton is the new Director of Alumni Affairs & Wellness at École des Ponts Business School. Within the office of academic affairs, she’s been supporting our Paris-based Executive MBAs and Executive DBAs through their educational and personal development journey. On top of providing the right conditions to study efficiently, Linda has grown a reputation for bringing people together, fostering out-of-the-box thinking and just being there when it really matters.

With a background in Tourism, Education & Fundraising, Linda has worked across diverse cultures and lived in several countries. Her passion for people saw her train hundreds of volunteers in various non-profits. She loves coaching, professional networking and event organization. Linda also co-chaired the Council of the English-Speaking Community in France and is a door-opener to English-speaking networks in Paris. It will come as no surprise that Linda enjoys French culture and “art de vivre”. She makes her own chocolates, and spends wonderful moments finding treasures in the antique markets.

In taking on the role of Director of Alumni Affairs & Wellness Linda has several initiatives in mind that she will share with the École des Ponts Business School community as they mature, starting with a mentoring program, sports & wellness get-togethers and  goals that she is working towards.

To create a community of positive thinking participants & Alumni from around the globe. A platform where you can support each other with your knowledge, your connections and you can help others achieve their goals. We are a business school so let’s talk business! Get involved!

To start the ball rolling in giving back to the Alumni to promote wellness, confidence, & healthy mindsets Linda is available as a Mentor. To set up an appointment click here.

Your turn next! We will be inviting you in January to register to become Mentors and Mentees and share your expertise, a link will be sent out so watch this space!

Alumni! – I am looking to do great things in this role with your active help. I will be sharing big news in the New Year and posting all news in one place so make sure to join the Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni group on Linkedin and be the first to hear! (Connect with me on Linkedin also).

Fitness? Ladies get ready for a challenge! We will also be stepping up and taking part in the infamous La Parisienne 2019 Using the app 5k Runner, going from couch potato to fun race mode to complete the 6.7k!

Practice sessions will take place in different locations round the Champs de Mars under the Eiffel Tower, and down on the quayside. Take a moment to look at La Parisienne website from this year’s race and show your interest here. PS We need a volunteer to take us through our paces. Any takers?

There is great strength in numbers and this is the power of the network that supports you. In order to create meaningful alumni relationships we need each person to showcase your talents, create groups and organise get togethers in your city. The Alumni Association is looking for Country Ambassadors. Reach out to Ali Afdjei & Pierre-Yves Rodet and they will send you the description for this role.

Call to action! We are the best kept secret in town. Help get the word out and build our community! Did you know for example we were awarded 7 EU Projects? So how can we get the word out?

1.You can help increase our class sizes. If you know anyone interested in taking a project based MBA/ Executive MBA or Executive DBA, send me their contact details.

2. If you work for a company that supports staff with potential (a great place to work!) and funds their education please put me in contact with that person and I will follow up.

3. Of course, if you know any brilliant speakers who would like to come and share their knowledge and donate their time we are happy to put on events.

4. On Saturday mornings ( format 9.30-10 networking, 10-11am talk) I would like to showcase you too if you have an idea worth sharing let me know.

5. You can give back in so many ways, for example Sponsor a masterclass, a Saturday workshop, give an alumni benefit or help towards a scholarship to support someone hungry to learn. This is where you will help the school stand out and create a legacy of learning.

Hear what Oladotun Olatunji had to say regarding his scholarship Video Link and ask him about his recent offer from MIT when you see him! You have the power to change someone’s life by making your donation here.


Together let’s make some changes!

Linda Crofton

Director Alumni Affairs & Wellness

Making things happen- the power of EdP Alumni!




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