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A word from the ex-President

At École des Ponts Business School Alumni, we benefit from the talent of those who believe in Values Driven Leadership. Together, we look out for each other and for the wider interests of a Values-Driven world. We engage with a network of partners to help set the agenda for “Building the World of (the day after) Tomorrow.” Each alumnus can make a contribution based on her expertise: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Energy, Profit, Non-profit, Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, …

Welcome all École des Ponts Business School / ENPC MBA ALUMNI; we self-motivated leaders are Driven to Create Value for each other and for the world in which we live! We hope we can count on your for both.

Desmond McGetrick
President  – École des Ponts Business School Alumnus

École des Ponts Business School Alumni Association

Once admitted to École des Ponts Business School, participants have the opportunity to accede to alumni activities.

  • At World Congresses, like the World Business Networking Congress in Marrakech, the frontiers of knowledge and practice are advanced, while networking and fraternity simultaneously create significant value.
  • Global Events gather alumni in key locations around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Bangalore, Pune or Delhi.
  • Meeting alumni and creating value “criss-cross” the globe. On the one hand, alumni geographic ambassadors volunteer to brief fellow alumni on the business and networking opportunities of their city or region. On the other hand, frequent travelers reach out to fellow alumni around alumni dinners, sharing news and building fellowship.
  • Thought leadership and value creation are highlighted in the Entrepreneurship series of École des Ponts Business School Alumni.
  • Meanwhile, the Executive Transformation Series illustrates how the École des Ponts Business School and its alumni association work hand in hand. Thought-provoking panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses take place at our prime city center Executive Campus location.
  • When you want to “check in” or “catch up” with old friends without unnecessarily formality, a regular roster of meeting occasions fits the bill. For example, whenever alumni are scheduling travel thru Paris, they know that they can meet up with friends over drinks, after work, on the Last Tuesday of every month.
  • Alternatively, they can join the weekly Thursday morning MBA Café, where prospective students, staff members and often alumni schedule chat about the school, its programs and news of alumni.
  • Graduation ceremonies are a highlight of the year, as participants formally cross the threshold to becoming fully-fledged alumni. In this context, participants greatly appreciate the address by the alumni president.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the École des Ponts Business School Alumni Association combines a formal decision-making occasion including the election of alumni board members, with an informal gathering of leading alumni.

Multiple alumni networks reinforce each other:

  • École des Ponts Business School Alumni (6,000 alumni)
  • Ponts Alliance (17,000 alumni)
  • ParisTech (200,000 alumni)

Furthermore, graduates from the Global Executive MBA, benefit from the partnership with Fox School of Business, at Temple University and its network of 60,000 alumni.


Do you have what it takes to be an innovation leader and a successful entrepreneur?

Innovation, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship are part of our DNA!
École des Ponts is the oldest engineering school in the world, training managers and leaders for the best businesses. SBS-EM trains its students in management while providing them with a strong scientific background.
The École des Ponts MBA has been designed with a focus on Innovation Management and Venture Creation, gathering the best courses and faculty from both schools. MBA participants benefit from the synergies from our specialized centers: the Design Thinking School at École des Ponts and the Entrepreneurship Center at SBS-EM.

Can you manage diverse teams and successfully grow a business in a global economy?

The École des Ponts MBA in Innovation Management builds bridges between four continents!
On top of taking classes in Paris and Brussels, MBA participants can to take part in study trips and classes – with no additional registration fees – in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Casablanca. The programme’s teaching model is one of a kind: each subject is taught fully in English by a different professor invited from a leading university from around the world. Besides, international students from all four corners of the globe account for 80% of the student body.


A focus on Innovation Management for a Global Economy

The École des Ponts MBA is designed to equip its participants with a full set of skills and the knowledge with which to face a competitive and fast-moving world. To achieve this, they follow a very intensive and highly demanding programme in order to gain a firm practical understanding of the management trends that make a difference at an international level.

The first two weeks of the program, in Brussels, are dedicated to an orientation period enabling the participants to acquire the fundamental tools to succeed in their MBA journey. It is composed of four 2-day modules:

  • Case Study Learning and Writing
  • Business Communications
  • Primer on Math & Business Statistics
  • Primer on Accounting


Core courses, highlighted in bold, are mandatory. Each participant is also required to complete a minimum of 4 modules from a list of 11 electives and 2 international study trips. Half of the courses are taught in Brussels – from September to January – and the other half in Paris – from February to June.

Managing & Leading in the face of Complexity

  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Understanding Organizations
  • Managing People
  • Social Responsibility of Business

Excellence in Business Performance

  • Operations Management
  • Business Negotiations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Decision- Making Models

Finance & Economics for Global Managers

  • Business Economics
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance

International Business & Marketing Strategies

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Integration: Business Simulation
  • Study Trip to China
  • Growth Strategies for SMEs
  • Global Risk Management

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Strategies for IT & e-Business
  • Innovation Management & Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Study Trip to the Silicon Valley
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Business Plan Development
Final Project

The Final Project covers the Summer Semester starting in July. It allows participants to apply and test the skills acquired during the MBA. It is meant to serve as a springboard for participants’ professional development and enable them to demonstrate their ability to perform at a higher level.

  • Internship: seize the opportunity to apply your talent in the industry, the job function or even the company you’re targeting for your post-MBA career.
  • International Business Field Project: take part in a challenging consulting project carried out by a small team of MBA participants. You’ll have to solve a real-life business issue brought to us by international companies, ranging in subject from capital financing to product launching, business strategy to product chain management, etc. Participants define the detailed objectives and planning in accordance with the client and the School Faculty. It is also a remarkable chance to showcase participants’ abilities to potential recruiters, and offers participants a real-life arena in which to strengthen and consolidate their skills.
  • Business Plan Development: take advantage of the Schools resources – including faculty – to design the business you want to start. Thanks to the at École des Ponts – where d. stands for design thinking – and the Entrepreneurship Center at SBS-EM, MBA participants benefit from a unique ecosystem. They can elaborate their business ideas and business models, and finally gain access to investors and launch their business for real.
  • Special Research Project: get noticed by developing a new concept that can bring a sustainable competitive advantage in the business world. Your academic supervisor will help you selecting the best methodologies and  further elaborate your research outcomes.

Program Highlights

Brussels, Paris or both?

Each course is taught as a 4-day block, from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Thanks to this unique format, you can choose to stay 5 months in Brussels and then 5 months in Paris or decide on a unique location and easily commute to attend 4-day sessions in the other city.
You will then be able to do your final project in the city of your choice.
With the Thalys high-speed train, it only takes 1:15 hour to travel between Brussels, the capital of Europe, and Paris, one of Europe’s main business centers. Both campuses are only 2:15 hours away!

personalized career program(1)

Your Campus is the World

In addition to taking classes in Brussels and Paris, two of the world most cosmopolitan cities, you can seize the opportunity to maximize your international experience with no additional registration fees.

Develop your own business network by attending classes at our partner overseas programs in:

  • Hanoï, Vietnam
  • Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
  • Shanghaï, China
  • Casablanca, Morocco

And/or meet some of the most innovative international senior executives during:

  • the Study Trip to the Silicon Valley, CA, USA
  • the Study Trip to Shanghaï, China


Customize your schedule and curriculum


On top of 15 mandatory core courses, MBA participants are invited to choose 4 or more modules from a list of 11 elective courses + 2 international study trips.

Final Project

After 10 months of coursework, to graduate with your MBA, you are required to complete a final project in a time span of 2 to 5 months. Depending on your career goals, you project can take one of the following forms:

  • In-company Internship,
  • International Business Field Profect (consulting),
  • Business Plan Development,
  • or Special Research Project.

Flexible Format

The École des Ponts MBA is offered full-time with a duration of 12 to 15 months. Tuition fees amount to €32,000 for individuals or €35,500 for company-sponsored participants.
The program is also offered on a flexible format where participants have 2 to 3 years to complete all graduation requirements. Together with a personal academic advisor, each participant designs a schedule consistant whith one’s career goals and time constraints. Tuition fees for the flexible MBA amount to €40,000.


Nicolas Lapalu (France)CEO - Osborn-Unipol France

Jadwiga Gajda (Poland)IT Service Manager – Metanext

Shaleish DixitHead of Consulting & Sales Solutions - Wipro