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Lean Start-Up: Innovation Builder or Killer?

On October 12, we held a masterclass on lean startup to help entrepreneurs and managers in finding AND validating the right business opportunity. The theme was ‘’Lean Start-Up: Innovation Builder or Killer?’’

Whether you’re launching a start-up, leading an established one, or simply working to get a new product off the ground in an existing company, this event video is for you.

No matter what product or service you work on; in a corporation, startup or agency; by yourself or with a team; you will get valuable insights to assess whether your big idea is worth pursuing or not.

The workshop was led by a Lean Startup expert, Betrand Dour. He is the CEO and founder of 7Flows, a new-generation business that helps companies start, grow and scale their innovation ventures. And the event took place at the delightful venue of Leonard, the innovation laboratory created by VINCI group.


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