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LeadTech Webinar: Leading in Times of Uncertainty

Managing polarities and decision-making

As leaders, our decision-making process is strongly influenced by what is happening around us. Leaders who work in organizations are rewarded for fast-paced, constant and impactful decision-making that affects the productivity and wellbeing of businesses and teams.

In these extraordinary times, our decision compass can feel rusty and off-track because we do not master how to actively remain present when facing extremes and polarities. Understanding how to manage the situation is often overlooked and bypassed because we are rushed into making decisions.

What will happen when we slow down after the crisis? What happens when macro forces impair our decision-making power?

During this webinar, we will:

  • Derive wisdom and inspiration from nature to examine polarities.
  • Explore how to construct a way forward that feels aligned with the present and is evocative with the future.

From this webinar, you will get:

  • A model to refer to when making decisions in uncertain times
  • An individual or team practice for taking “resonant” decisions

Our Speaker

Xavier Garcia-Weibel is an executive coach who has a proven track-record in entrepreneurship. He has occupied strategic managerial roles in the IT-telecommunications field in the USA, France and Switzerland. He is a Guest Faculty at Ecole des Ponts Business School (Paris, Marrakech and Beijing), EADA Business School (Barcelona) and at Haute Ecole du Valais in Quality & Strategy Management (Lausanne). He delivers experiential workshops, seminars and retreats for Top 500 companies and start-ups on Leadership Development, High-Performing Collaboration and Trust in Team Dynamics.

One of Xavier’s focus is how to integrate spirituality in the workplace, a topic he feels passionate about and is currently writing a book on. www.soultricity.com



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