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Leadership as Spiritual Practice – LeadTech Master Class

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We are transitioning from the age of emotional intelligence to the age of spiritual intelligence.

Did you know that more and more executives embrace spiritual practices in order to reach new levels of performance? Mindfulness, use of intuition, connection with nature are practices that are increasingly entering the workplace.

During this master class on Leadership as Spiritual Practice’’, Xavier Garcia-Weibel will address how leaders and their corporations become accepting of spirituality while business results soar!

Spiritual leadership creates vision and value congruence across the individual, empowered team and organization levels. And this leads to fostering higher levels of employee well-being, organizational commitment and financial performance. It is human-centered by nature and is a conscious act taken for the benefit of all.

This master class is meant to support and guide busy leaders who are looking for wisdom and want to learn from the experiences of others. To learn how full human potential and creativity is released, and how to leverage intuition. Xavier will share 3 case studies of leaders who have developed such practices and have introduced major changes in organizations.

The most efficient leaders are able to combine − in an instant − their analytical skills with their intuition and turn them into “flair”. Flair helps decision-makers trust their inner knowing when reading reality.

During this master class, Xavier will challenge you to be bold, creative, reflective and trusting, in order to become even more allowing of your own spiritual and leadership path. A part of this master class will be experiential and  you will be invited to join in some practices with other participants.

Together, you will not only think about what Leadership as Spiritual Practice is but why and especially how you approach it.

About the Speaker:

Xavier Garcia-Weibel is the Lead Coach of the Leadership & Career Development Program of the LeadTech Global Executive MBA. The program provides our MBA participants with genuine feedback and career guidance – and ultimately a toolbox to design their dream career and adopt their own leadership style as they embark on their journey to create the life they want to lead.

Xavier is particularly interested in the intersection of Design Thinking, Change Management and Leadership. He calls it “Human-Centric Leadership” which also happens to be the name of the association he co-founded. Xavier brings a way to apply knowledge through the combination of 3 intelligences: Analytical, Emotional and Spiritual so that anyone can choose which intelligence to apply in any situation. He imagines each participant to be able to connect to their essence and awaken their humanity. It is possible to thrive in business while living your values: it is very much a leader’s choice.

He aims that his participants see themselves as agents of transformation and change: our ability as leaders in these times to see change as a process to be embraced rather than feared is paramount to him.

Closing Address

How can business schools contribute to the advancement of leadership and managerial practices in a VUCA world?


By Alon Rozen, Dean of Ecole des Ponts Business School


and Jordi DIAZ, Associate Dean of Programs and International Relations at EADA Business School


This event is over. To watch the video recording, please click here: LeadTech Insights

Registration is free, but the number of seats is limited. Please register using the form below:

Billetterie Weezevent

Friday, 18 October 2019 – Agenda:

  • 6:30 pm – Welcome Drinks
  • 7:00 pm – Master Class workshop
  • 8:30 pm – Closing Address
  • 8.45 pm – Networking Cocktail


LEONARD – 6 place du Colonel Bourgoin
75012 Paris, France

For more information:

+33 (0)1 64 15 22 12 – info@pontsbschool.com

This event is over. To watch the video recording, please click here: LeadTech Insights


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