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How To Navigate Corporate Politics Coaching Workshop – 8 July

This Saturday on the 8th of July at our Executive Campus in Paris, we will be hosting a private day-long coaching session with Xavier Weibel on “How To Navigate Corporate Politics”.

How To Navigate Corporate Politics” is designed to help prepare our MBA participants entering the corporate world and upon completion of this one-day coaching workshop, participants will be able to understand how alliances between colleagues are forged, how to read and interpret organizational charts and how to manage stakeholders in a proactive manner.

Part of the outcomes that participants will leave with, include:

  • Understanding people’s deep agenda and motivators translated into observable behavior
  • Discovering leadership tendencies driving political maneuvering inside large organizations
  • Discovering how trust is used as a model for alliances to be forged
  • Learning to map stakeholders based on their influence and power and ways to enroll them into one’s vision and goals
  • Learning to interpret organizational charts and understanding political forces and what is happening beneath the surface
  • Learning common tactics, pitfall and traps used by enterprise tacticians and applying counter-measures

To connect and learn more about our Lead Coach Xavier Weibel you can connect with him through his linkedin profile or follow his company online.

In addition to leading the coaching session, Xavier has also designed an in-house Leadership & Career Development Quiz that we invite you to take.

To read further on this planned event, you can navigate over to the news section or click on the link here.



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