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École des Ponts Business School descends from a long line of illustrious researchers and inventors. The Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (ENPC), the first engineering school in the world founded in 1747, is celebrated for having produced inventors such as Louis Vicat, the creator of ‘Grey Gold’ (cement) and Philippe Lebon, the first person to successfully use artificial gas as a means of large-scale illumination. 

Today, the research tradition continues. Our business school is committed to fostering an environment where ideas can be explored, challenged, and shared. Thanks to a number of new labs and centers, both faculty and students can now pursue their areas of interest.

We are leading and supporting novel research initiatives and designing new multidisciplinary business models. Our research focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and talent management, circular economy and sustainable development, digital transformation and change.

We have launched new centers and labs including the Circular Economy Research Center (CERC), Digital Innovation Acceleration Lab (DIAL) and Center for Advanced Studies and Expertise (CASE).

The newly opened Circular Economy Research Center (CERC), under the direction of Professor Demetriou, is currently developing dedicated courses, a certificate and an E-MBA specialized in Circular Economy Management as well as Circular Economy training programs, a Circular Economy Live Lab, Journal and Expert Network.

Research is a proud part of our tradition and it is through this search for knowledge that informs the work we do and the results and impact we have in the world.

   Innovation & Entrepreneurship



   Leadership and Talent Management


      Circular Economy & Sustainable Development



    Digital Transformation & Change Management




Circular Economy Research Center (CERC)



Center for Advanced Studies and Expertise (CASE)



Center for Advanced Studies and Expertise: AFRICA 



  Digital Innovation Acceleration Lab (DIAL)