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Leadership & Talent Management

As traditional HR tools are becoming obsolete, how can talent be identified, recruited, nurtured, trained and retained?

École des Ponts Business School’s focus on Leadership & Management tries to answer this question and further the scholarship on coaching, executive succession, leadership transition in nonprofit organizations, the politics of family businesses, and managing change and diverse teams.

We want that the outcome of our faculty research to be added to the extensive literature that exists and to create currency of research in this field

Professor Joseph Santora is one of our lead researchers and a prolific writer on the topic.

The main focuses of his research delves into leadership and governance and one particular stream of research is devoted to educating top leadership about best practices related to executive succession and transition in non-profit and family businesses and organizations.

Connected to this research is a focus on executive coaching and leadership as well as the ways executives can become more effective in leading complex organizations in highly competitive environments.

Nicolas Lapalu (France)CEO - Osborn-Unipol France

Jadwiga Gajda (Poland)IT Service Manager – Metanext

Shaleish DixitHead of Consulting & Sales Solutions - Wipro