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Futures Literacy and Anticipatory Thinking

We can not predict the future, but we can shape it.

Together, let’s design the future of Finance!

Futures literacy refers to an individual’s capability to “use the future” more creatively in the present.

Futures literacy is a skill that can be trained and a capacity that can be revealed and obtained through a learning process.

At École des Ponts Business School, we have decided to leverage the methodology designed by Riel Miller and his team at UNESCO. We are part of a network of researchers and educators dedicated to changing the way we think about the future and positively impacting our world.

UNESCO Candidate Chair on
Financial Anticipatory Systems Thinking

Because addressing the questions related to the Future of Finance is one of the World’s biggest challenges, Ecole des Ponts Business School has requested to create a UNESCO Chair in Financial Anticipatory Systems Thinking.

Our objectives are straightforward:

  • Finance needs to integrate uncertainty and unpredictability in their model: we will develop capacity-building methods and tools in anticipatory systems thinking
  • Finance needs to better address inequalities: we will explore the financial sector’s role and responsibility in contributing to a sustainable and inclusive future – for banking, insurance, and society as a whole
  • We need to shift the way we think about value and what actually constitutes value: we will work with financial institutions and alternative stakeholders to unleash innovation and invent disruptive solutions.

Discover our initiatives to open new routes for the Banking and Insurance sectors

In the fall of 2019, with our partners, we supported two parallel and complementary initiatives in futures literacy in the financial sector:

  • A Futures Literacy Lab leading up to the 47th Global Congress on Banking Transformation that took place in Paris on 17 and 18 October 2019;
  • A Futures Literacy Lab as part of Climate Finance Week Ireland, which took place in Dublin from 4 to 8 November 2019.

What did we learn about Finance and financial inclusion?

We invite you to download this article by Martin Calnan, our Director of Executive Education, and Riyong Kim, Director of Decision Metrics and Finance at EIT Climate-KIC:

Call for Partners
UNESCO Chair on Financial Anticipatory Thinking Systems

Our objectives are ambitious. We want to identify and investigate all the assumptions that condition the way we think about value. We need to understand how our financial system impacts and is impacted by each category of economic agents. We mean to explore new paradigms and initiate ground-breaking innovations.

We are looking for partners willing to invest with us in this research and make a positive impact on finance and society.

Interested? Watch Martin Calnan – who is leading this initiative at our business school –  introducing the Chair on Financial Anticipatory Thinking Systems at the 47th Congress on Banking Transformation. And use the button below the video to contact Martin and share your interest.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners who have endeavored, with us, to challenge conventional thinking on Finance.

Futures Literacy in action

The École des Ponts Business School Executive DBA is the only doctoral program which includes a 3-day workshop on Futures Literacy.