Sekkouri, Younes Ph.D. (ABD) | École des Ponts Business School

Sekkouri Younes

Ph.D. (ABD), Morocco

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Régional Dean, Africa, École des Ponts Business School

  • Regional Dean, Head of Programs, Global Executive MBA and Executive Certificate Programs
  • Professor of Business Strategy & New Public Management


Corporate Strategy, Organizational Design, Public policies, Risk Management, Design thinking, Leadership and Negotiation, change and transformation management and entrepreneurship.

My professional experience offered me the opportunity to learn and share knowledge and know -how in different fields. Indeed, I was offered different positions ranging from the job of consultant, entrepreneur, Advisor to members of the Government and Member of the Parliament.

My academic background is also responsible for the passion I developed for these fields, especially the EMBA Program with Ecole des Ponts Business School and Fox School of Business in the Paris Campus in addition to the ASPEN INSTITUE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM in Paris. My ongoing and about to finish PHD in strategic management provides valuable theoretical and research material that feeds the teaching experience.

As most of the participants come from the professional world, they feed the course through the analysis they make of the cases and situations which makes the teaching experience also a learning one to the professor. Less experienced students provide a more fresh and non-conventional input.

Strategic thinking, scrutiny in the analysis, occasionally non-conventional wisdom patterns, the art of communication and the spirit of group work


Compared to other business disciplines, business strategy may be the managerial area that requires beyond any quantifiable skills, a ‘thought pattern” or “mindset” that translates into what is commonly known as “strategic thinking”. This particularity makes the course challenging in terms of outcomes as the teaching style and method must ensure the participants start developing and integrating the dimension of “strategic thinking” into their managerial mindset.

To do so, this course is designed as a combination of formal lectures with case studies and actual managerial situations where students develop critical analysis, master the implementation of related quantitative methods and learn the importance and the way to enhance communication and group work skills.

This intense experience of collectively building strategies, under constraints of time and competitive pressure, provides the students a unique opportunity to learn how to start transforming their “thinking patterns” to better serve their personal and professional paths.