Sarbazvatan, Saman | École des Ponts Business School

Saman Sarbazvatan


Saman Sarbazvatan

COO & Vice Dean

  • Head of Programs & Instructional Design
  • Professor of Technology Management, Digital Transformation, and Circular Economy
  • Senior Researcher and Senior Advisor of Technology and Business Modeling at CERC & CPC


  • Modules taught at École des Ponts Business School:
    • Digital Economy
    • Technology for Economic, Environmental, and Social Impact
    • Industry 4.0 and Strategic Technology Management
    • Disruptive Innovation & Digital Transformation
    • Cryptoeconomics, Cryptoassets, DLTs, Blockchain, Smart Contracts
    • Circular Economy and New Business Models
    • Digital Competitiveness & Business Intelligence
    • XaaS and xTech
    • Organizational Behavior, Managing People and Organizations
  • Major Affiliations:
    • Circular Economy Research Center (CERC)
    • Center for Policy and Competitiveness (CPC-Paris)
  • Academic Credentials:
    • Executive DBA, École des Ponts Business School, École des Ponts ParisTech, Paris
    • MBA, International School of Management, Paris / St. John’s University, New York

  • Technology and Economics
  • Digital Economy
  • Enabling Technologies of 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Strategy, Policy, and Competitiveness
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Intelligence
  • Circular Economy and Sustainability
  • SDGs, ESG, CSR, CSVs
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs)
  • Cryptoassets, Smart Assets, Cryptography, and Blockchain
  • AI, IoT, XR, and Intelligent Assets
  • Telecom, Network and Security, Routing and Switching, 5G