Santora, Joseph Ed.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Joseph C. Santora

USA, Ed.D. Fordham (NYC) and post-doctoral work: Harvard, Princeton, and New York

Director of Research, École des Ponts Business School


Two Questions to Dr. Joseph C. Santora

What are you passionate about?

I am a globetrotting award-winning author and presenter. I write about leadership, HR, executive succession, training, family business, and other management topics in blogs, practitioner magazines, and academic journals. I have written some 200 articles, cases, opinion pieces and reviews. My writings have appeared with some frequency in Academy of Management Perspectives, Career Development International, Chief Executive, Development & Learning in Organizations, Global Coaching Perspectives, Harvard Business Review Italia, Journal of Organization & Leadership Studies, Nonprofit World, and TD Magazine. My research has made a major contribution to the field of leadership and has had a wide-ranging impact appearing in more than 60 doctoral dissertations.

Research Gate Statistics: April 2019: 38,410 reads, 1,264 citations, and 30.82

Over the years, I won several awards for my writings and for presentations at international conferences, where I presented more than 50 papers in 17 countries on three continents. Recent awards and presentations include:

  • Invited Speaker (2018): E-DBA Seminar, Person Impact, Professional Impact, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
  • Workshop Presenter: Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Leading Change, Paris, France
  • Workshop Presenter: Ericksson, Managing Change, Rome, Italy
  • Workshop Presenter: Messer Group, Germany, International HR Directors Annual Meeting. Communications and HR (Spain)
    Distinguished Speaker Award (July 2018): Paper presented at the The Economics, Finance, IT, Management, MIS and International Business Research Conference, London, UK, July
  • Highly Commended Award Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2018: Bozer, G., Levin, L., & Santora, J. C. Succession in family business: Multi-source perspectives. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development: 24/4: 753-774.
  • Distinguished Speaker Award (July 2017): Paper presented at the The Economics, Finance, IT, Management, MIS and International Business Research Conference, London, UK, July
  • Best Paper Presented in Session (June 2015): Paper presented at the 2015 International Business Conference, Kensington London, UK
  • Highly Commended Award Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2014: Sarros, J. C., Luca, E., Densten, I. & Santora, J. C. 2014. Leaders and their use of motivating language. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 35/3: 226-240.
  • Best Presenter Award (December 2014): Santora, J. C. Paper presented at the Finance, MIS, and Global Research Conference Miami, Florida, USA
  • Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013: Santora, J. C. & Sarros, J. C. 2012. Do non-profit organizations ever really learn from their mistakes – or are they doomed to repeat them? Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal: 26(3): 8-10.

Approximately ten years ago, I founded the International Leadership Journal. I am the publisher and the editor of the journal. I also sit in the editorial review board of a number of journals: International Journal of Teaching and Case Study (Associate Editor), Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, Development & Learning in Organizations,  Journal of Management & Change, The Business Review, Cambridge, The Journal of the American Academy of Business, Cambridge (Executive Board Member), Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Journal of International Academy for Case Studies, etc.

I have had extensive teaching experiences (Executive Education, MBA, DBA and PhD courses and corporate training) in the United States, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe.

I founded two companies and I consulted to more than two dozen organizations and major corporations in Europe and the US.

Can you share a list of your latest publications?

  • Santora, J. C. Insider-outsider nonprofit executive succession in Estonia
  • Santora, J. C. Systematic literature of nonprofit executive succession: A look at non-North American research findings. Journal of Management Development
  • Santora, J. C. The opportunities and challenges of social entrepreneurship in Marques, J. & Dhiman, S. (eds.). Social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. (pp. xx-xx). Springer: Switzerland.
  • Santora, J. C. Making the case for case studies: Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods Journal
  • Santora, J. C. & Bozer, G. Social entrepreneurs need coaches too.
  • Santora, J. C. Family businesses in search of a future.
  • Santora, J. C. HR’s step children: Probationary employees.
  • Santora, J. C. Strategic change at the top management team (TMT) level: Founders making the hard decision.
  • Santora, J. C. Social entrepreneurs’ challenge of mission drift.


  • Santora, J. C. Dara Khosrowshahi: Changing the organizational culture at Uber. SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Originals. (Accepted pending minor revision)


  • Santora, J. C. Contrasting the founder and successor of Uber. Lorange Network Q1 Santora, J. C. Human resource strategies for family business succession: Applying the 3R formula for success. Lorange Network, Q1, (P)
  • Santora, J. C., & Howe, W. Leadership e Imprenditorialità Sociale: La Sfida per la Sostenibilità. (Leadership and social entrepreneurship: The challenge for sustainability.) Harvard Business Review Italia (June)
  • Posthumus, J., Bozer, G. & Santora, J. C. The use of market analytics in high-potential recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry. European J of International Management: Early Cite 13/4, (July) (A)
  • Howe, W. & Santora, J. C. Narratives and optics. The communication dilemma leaders in all cultures face today. In New leadership in strategy and communication (ed. N. Pfeffermann) (pp. xx-xx). Springer: Switzerland.


  • Santora, J. C. Executive succession: Old wine in new bottles. Lorange Network, Q3, (P)
  • Santora, J. C. Let’s revisit the (im)mortality factor just one more time. Lorange Network, Q3, (P)
  • Santora, J. C. Succession troubles confronting German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Lorange Network, Q3, (P)
  • Santora, J. C. Knowledge transfer: A key to intergenerational succession in a family business. Lorange Network, Q3, (P)
  • Santora, J. C. Moving up: How seconds-in-command can make the transition from manager to leader? Lorange Network, Q 1, (P)
  • Santora, J. C. & Bozer, G. Avoid the selfish factor: Plan for succession with 4 simple rules. Nonprofit World (Apr.-June): 30-31. (P)
    Rossig, J. J., Bauer, J., & Santora, J. C. Are we misleading out doners? Are we making a good faith effort to tell donors the truth? Nonprofit World (July-Sept.), 13. (P)
  • Feranita F., De Massis A., Santora J. C. & Kotler, J. Managing strategic change in family business: The case of Glopac Chemical (Cases A & B) + Teaching Note. In Dieleman, M. (Ed.), SAGE Family Business Teaching Case Series by SAGE Business Cases. DOI: (A)


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