Harkiolakis, Nicholas Ph.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Nicholas Harkiolakis

Ph.D. – Greece

Professor, École des Ponts Business School

  • Module taught: Quantitative Research Methods (Executive DBA, Paris)
  • Professor, Researcher, and Administrator

Five questions to Dr. Nicholas Harkiolakis

What are your primary fields of interest and research?

My current research interests in the social sciences domain focus on leadership and entrepreneurship and more specifically in leading virtual teams, cross-cultural negotiation skills multipreneurs or serial and diversified entrepreneurs. My scholarly interest today focuses on how today’s leaders lead mutigenerational, multicultural teams operating in a diverse global marketplace.

Where did you develop the skills and knowledge that nurture your work today?

As you grow old, and provided you kept your eyes open along the way, skills and knowledge pile up. This is normally called experience. Communicating results is the cornerstone of presenting results and learning. Even when dealing with abstract concepts like quality, beliefs, progress, etc. ones need to make evaluations of status and comparisons between values or entities. Well, the only way you can do is with Mathematics at the descriptive level and their branch logic at the interpretive levels. Knowing the process of processing quantities became for me the tool for expressing research findings, and as any tool, while it felt strange and challenging at the beginning, with practice grew into an asset. It took some time but suddenly I felt that I was quite comfortable with the tool to the point of even forgetting its existence. That is when the lessons I teach became real.

What do you enjoy most working with our participants?

I love the moment when a student raises a question that makes me pause to think. It’s a moment when appears as new and fresh and I can also see it from another perspective.  This really brings me joy.  I can find the ideal answer to a problem that will help the student assimilate that knowledge and embrace it for use in their own scholarly work.

As a professor what do you hope to transmit to your students?

The excitement of learning something new and the confidence they can master it as well.

How does your course(s) help participants develop themselves personally and professionally?

The aim is always to add value to students’ knowledge base and inspire a learning experience that is both rewarding and memorable. To that end I always follow a hands-on approach with real-life and practical examples of the various concepts that we explore in the course and make every effort to relate them with students’’ past experience and knowledge. In the end, and hopefully, the courses I teach are become part of the continuum of each students’’ academic and professional development. Above all, the course becomes the beginning of a rewarding professional relationship between the instructor and the student as colleagues when we leave the classroom.


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