Halkias, Daphne Ph.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Daphne Halkias

Ph.D, Greece

Professor, École des Ponts Business School

  • Distinguished Research Fellow, CPC-Paris (Center for Policy & Competitiveness)
  • Distinguished Research Fellow, CASE Africa
  • E-DBA Research Supervisor
  • Fellow, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate
  • Research Affiliate, Institute for the Social Sciences, Cornell University, New York, USA
  • CEO, Executive Coaching Consultants
  • Editor-in-Chief: International Journal of Teaching and Case Study; International Journal of Technology-Enhanced Learning; 
  • Editor: International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Academic, researcher, author, and consultant in Case Study Methodology; Qualitative Research Methods; Family Business, Executive Coaching, Sustainable Business Strategy; Social Innovation; Digital Entrepreneurship; Circular Economy; Digital Disruption’s Impact on Leadership; Managerial Competencies for the Agile Organization;  Future Studies and Social Forecasting in Business; Social Factors of Sustainability in Smart Cities; Innovation Trends in the Urban Environment; Digital Disruption in Business Education

Teaching and supervising student research that will impact various business domains to tackle upcoming global economic and social challenges

For my students, I hope that our work together will prepare them as socially responsible business people and  researchers working for the next generation; and, together our goal with impactful research is to influence policy in support of social and technological innovation, poverty alleviation, business sustainability and disruptive innovation in higher education.