Hahn, Alexander Ph.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Alexander Hahn

Ph.D., Germany

Professor, École des Ponts Business School

  • Affiliation: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (Adjunct), HYVE Innovation Community, Germany (Professional)
  • Module(s): Marketing of innovative products

My primary field of interest is the intersection of innovation and marketing – both fields are driven by tremendously fruitful exchange, especially in recent years: Design-thinking, user-centric innovation, market-oriented management, digital marketing, corporate entrepreneurship, lean startup etc.

This has also been the field of my doctoral research: The impact of marketing of high-tech startups on investor perceptions. Based on this and ongoing research, I have published in this field on startup marketing and corporate innovation such as sales channel design alterations, multi-stage marketing, among others.

Due to my dual background – being a consultant in a design and innovation firm and a MBA lecturer at business schools – I have the privilege to learn both in the field and in class rooms. Moreover, as anybody else, I am a daily of digital and physical products and services. Observing one’s own behavior and those of the people around you yields very interesting qualitative insights – especially when it comes to interacting with new technologies and products. Just imagine how you interacted with information from the internet 10 years ago when there was only a Netscape Navigator on your desktop PC and no smartphones with touchpads and cheap data plans.

I really like the broad diversity of backgrounds and how this fosters the students’ experience of learning learn from each other. This is hard to compare. Thus, my role in the classroom is to facilitate the communication between the students and to engage their discussions.

I hope to transmit the right balance between practice-oriented case study learning and laying solid theoretical foundations. So that students can apply concepts and models to individual cases, but also get a solid understanding about possibilities and boundaries of transferring such concepts and models to other situations in their current and future daily business experience.

The course Marketing of Innovative Products helps my student to gain a profound general understanding of marketing strategy, tactics and implementation in a digitalized world. Specifically, students will learn about the most important concepts for market-oriented management and apply them to a wide array of institutional contexts such as business-to-business marketing, business-to-consumer marketing, international marketing, service marketing, retail marketing, government marketing, tourism marketing, luxury marketing and technology marketing. Thus, they will be endowed with a sufficient and powerful set of marketing tools and concepts and understand their value and applicability in various fields.

Moreover, the course emphasizes the value of marketing for innovative products. Coming from this professional field, I strongly believe that the interface between marketing and innovation is one of the drivers of economic growth and business opportunities – the recognition of opportunities and the development and delivery of customer-value driven products and services to the market.

Personally, I hope that the students will understand the concept of market-oriented management as a customer- and competitor-oriented interfunctional management approach. Thus, they can immediately profit from the course.

Finally, as each student is a customer in various ways I hope that they understand their role and their response to various marketing tactics they perceive in their daily private life. This would result in a life-long curiosity and learning fostered by this course. Regarding the assignments I provide summative feedback on their performance in class and how they can improve.