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Santora, Joseph Ed.D.

Joseph C. Santora (EdD, Fordham) is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Management and Director of Research and E-DBA Doctoral program at École des Pont Business School.

Prior to this appointment, he was Dean and Director of doctoral studies at a Business School where he led the DBA and PhD research and taught at leadership in the MBA, IEMBA (Leadership) and DBA and PhD (Qualitative Research) programs.

Professor Santora has been an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University (Australia) and a liaison and doctoral dissertation examiner. During the course of his academic tenure, he held several administrative and faculty posts including Business Dean and Assistant Dean, Director of Graduate Management Research, College Administrator, Visiting Fellow in a Leadership Center, and tenured full professor of Business and Management. He has also taught as a visiting professor in several Business Schools EMBA, MBA, and DBA programs in Australia, the Balkans, Europe, Georgia, Russia, Taiwan, the UK and the US. He has served as an external PhD and MBA thesis examiner for several international universities, having led more than 60 doctoral proposals, supervised more than 35 doctoral dissertations, and examined more than100 MBA theses.

Professor Santora’s research focuses on coaching, leadership, executive succession and leadership transition in nonprofit organizations, family businesses, managing and leading change, and teams.

Professor Santora is the founding and current Editor of the International Leadership Journal, an on-line refereed academic journal devoted to exploring multi-disciplinary organizational leadership issues. He serves on nine international academic editorial boards. He founded and served as the Managing Director of a two for-profit companies, and he has consulted to more than two dozen non-profit organizations and major corporations in Europe and the US. He has done post-doctoral work at Harvard, Princeton and New York.

He has written extensively, publishing more than four dozen refereed articles and teaching cases in ranked journal and 130+ academic and practitioner papers, cases, book chapters, reviews and he has written two books.  His research has been published in several leading academic and practitioner outlets including Academy of Management Perspectives, Career Development International, Development & Learning in Organizations, Journal of Organization & Leadership Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management Development, Journal of Management Education, and Personnel Review.  In recent years, he received annual awards as best paper and presenters (2010-2015) at international conferences and was the Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009 for a paper in Development and Learning Organizations (DLO), Highly Commended Paper Award in 2013 for a paper in DLO, and Highly Commended Paper Award inLeadership & Organizational Development in 2014. His co-authored paper in Leadership and Organization Development Journal was listed among the Top 10 Downloaded Articles in the 30-year history of the Journal.  Earlier recognition included best conference paper and highly commended paper, and competitive prize award for a case study. Professor Santora has presented more than 40 papers at international conferences in 17 countries on three continents.


Most Recent

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