Delquié, Philippe Ph.D. -

Delquié, Philippe Ph.D.

INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Ph.D. and M.S., Technology and Policy, MIT

  • Information & Decision Making Models

Research Interests:

Professor Delquié´s teaching and research interests are in the area of decision, risk and multicriteria analysis. His work has focused on the contrast between decision intuition and decision analysis, and how the interaction between the two can enhance managerial planning and decision processes.


Most Recent

  • Delquié, P.  2008. The value of information and intensity of preference.  Decision Analysis, 5(3): 129-139.
  • Delquié, P. 2008. Valuing information and options: An experimental study.  Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21(1): 91-109.
  • Delquié, P.  (2008) Interpretation of the risk tolerance coefficient in terms of maximum acceptable loss.  Decision Analysis, 5(1): 5-9.

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