Bozer, Gil Ph.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Gil Bozer 

Ph.D., Israel

Professor, École des Ponts Business School

  • Lecturer in the Managing Human Resources Department, Sapir Academic College
  • Leadership Research Group Memeber, EuroMed Research Business Institute
  • Lecturer, Ruppin Academic Center
  • Doctoral Supervisory Faculty

I am actively engaged in researching workplace coaching, leadership development, and succession planning. I am teaching mainly in the fields of management and leadership, and engaging with organizations regarding their talent development and coaching practices.

My back ground is eclectic and in depth, and these experiences coupled with my educational grounding has enabled me to see through artificial barriers and understand the holistic nature of what we face. Working in industries as diverse as the army, banking and investments and academia I hope gives me the capacity to identify opportunities and develop concise and integrated outcomes. Living in the Middle East, Australia, and having travelled and dealt with cultures and people from all over the world has instilled in me empathy and understanding and a thirst for difference and diversity as a means by which we learn and grow rather that see as limitations. My primary goal is to make a difference! My secondary goal is to do it with warm and generous manner adding a more balanced approach to everything I do.

I use organizational and management theories to explore various aspects of leadership and personal development in organizations. The purpose of my research is to explore and develop an understanding of the theory underlying the central issues of organizational life. This also entails producing practical tools for those involved in these issues. My research has given me a solid understanding and belief in bottom-up organizational processes for the development of personal leadership, as well as the ability of individuals and teams to collaborate and bring about change.


Business strategy that positions leadership development at the center stems from the insights that the human resource is one of the most valuable to the organization. This strategy allows organizations to maintain and even increase their value for customers and enhance competitiveness and growth, especially in the midst of a rapidly changing business environment.

Leaders cannot simply give orders and expect them to be carried out. In order to get our work done, we depend on dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of individuals and organizations over whom we usually exercise no direct control. You cannot give orders to your customers, to your peers at work, to your family members, even to your employees or soldiers. In order to gain the opportunity to lead others towards a goal, a task or an idea, you have to be first aware of yourself and how you affect everyone around you, and then, you are compelled to have a clear vision acknowledging simultaneously, everyone’s personal interests and needs.

I believe that in order to better equip those involved in managing organizations and assist them in creating new schemes that allow organizational sustainability and growth, we are required to expand their knowledge base.

In my courses I put a lot of emphasis on real-world global examples from diverse organizational cases in order to make a clear link betwen theory and practice. I believe that the combination of participants’ electic professional background, managerial experience, intuition and evidence-based theory and practice essential determinant to success in our current VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, Ambiguity) environment.