Biger, Nahum Ph.D. | École des Ponts Business School

Biger, Nahum Ph.D.

Professor and Dean of Carmel Academic Center School of Business – Israel


  • Financial Economics
  • Finance
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Corporate Finance

Honors and Awards

  • 1983-1984 International Options Market (IOM) Awards competition, First Prize for the best paper of the year, The Valuation of Currency Options (with John C. Hull).
  • The Clifford D. Spangler Award, Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation, – 1988
  • For the article “Risk Considerations in Insurance Ratemaking”, selected by the Editorial board of the Journal of Risk and Insurance as “the most outstanding article contributing to the understanding of the profession”.


Most Recent

  • Biger, N. et al. 2010. Understanding and mitigating direct investment-risk in the Indian real estate market. Business and Economics Journal, 4: 1-10.
  • Biger, N. et al. 2009.  Factors that mitigate employee job stress in the service industry. International Journal of Services, Economics and Management, 3: 32 – 45.
  • Biger, N. et al. 2009. Effects of transformational leadership on student educational satisfaction and student stress. The Open Education Journal, 3: 1-9.
  • Biger, N. et al. 2009. Determinants of dividend payout ratios: Evidence from United States. The Open Business Journal, 3: 8-14

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