Annette E. Craven | École des Ponts Business School

Annette E. Craven


Professor, École des Ponts Business School

  • Affiliation: University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX
  • Module(s): Qualitative Research Methods.  This module introduces students to qualitative research methods. It introduces students to the requirement for the art of scholarly writing. Students will develop ideas for possible research topics,  identify appropriate databases and journal for literature review and the critiquing of qualitative and quantitative research articles. 

I am very interested in the quality of higher education, particularly at the graduate levels.  Most of my research activity is integrally related to the mentoring I do with academic institutions around the world.  Every culture has a unique set of expectations and standards against which quality education is measured; helping these institutions do strategic planning and create assessment plans to demonstrate the effectiveness of their pedagogy and curriculum gives me the opportunity to continuously interact with academic peers and meet students eager to advance not only their professions but also their lives and the success of their communities.

It is said that one learns best through mistakes, and mistakes can only occur if you are willing to take risks, meet new people, and try new things.  I have always been willing to learn from my mistakes and eager to explore new cultures.  I have had incredible mentors throughout my career, many of whom resulted from an interaction in which I answered a question, provided information, or made a connection through networking.  I believe that if an individual has an open mind and an eagerness to explore new realms, that individual can not only learn anything they encounter but also expand their circle of influence on a global scale.

The Ecole des Ponts students, because of their diverse experiences and professional status, bring a wonderful mix of dialogue and inquiry to the classroom!  I love that the discussion begins as soon as we walk in the door and continues until the last goodbye for the day.  There is no lack of initiative and desire to learn, and the students have a level of maturity in interaction that exceeds many of the other environments I have experienced in the past.  I admire the fact that the students have a keen desire to inspire and create change in their communities – this is what the world needs to move forward!

I want every student to leave my classroom with a thirst for learning and an exhilaration about what they have experienced.  I want to always convey the importance of an open mind and open heart, the value of dialogue, and the beauty of knowledge.  At the end of every experience, I want to know that somehow I helped each student become a better person than they were when they walked in my classroom.