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Duncan Angwin

Ph.D., MBA, MA – United Kingdom

Visiting Professor, École des Ponts Business School

Four questions to Dr. Duncan Angwin

What are your primary fields of interest and research?

I believe business is more than just finance and so I lecture, research and consult on the importance of strategy. In particular I focus upon the practices of strategy, which include strategy formulation, implementation and the role of strategy directors. I specialise in growth strategies, particularly international Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) where I use a multi-disciplinary approach to explain why deals succeed or fail.

Where did you develop the skills and knowledge that nurture your work today?

PhD from University of Warwick, UK and 10 years experience in Investment Banking – but learning never stops and this is shown in my top selling strategy text books.

As a professor what do you hope to transmit to your students?

I hope to transmit a mix of practice-informed and theoretical insights into real-world phenomena. Through my teaching approach I hope to build student awareness of the importance and relevance of strategic management and to ignite their interest in the topic.

How does your course(s) help participants develop themselves personally and professionally?

I use a wide range of teaching methods which allow students to develop their abilities to articulate their views, search for relevant information, engage with complex ideas and to think strategically. As a consequence they should be better able to detect and engage with organisational strategies which should enhance their employability and improve their ability to see the bigger picture.

Professor's Short Bio

Professor Duncan Angwin is the Dean of Nottingham University Business School at the University of Nottingham, a member of the Russell Group of Universities in the UK and ranked amongst the top 100 Universities in the World. The Business School offers a full range of programmes from undergraduate, to post graduate and executive levels and is double accredited with 3,277 students and 200 faculty. It is ranked 6 th in the UK for research power. Its strengths are in finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, operations management and corporate social responsibility. Duncan has also held visiting professor positions with many leading Universities in the UK, continental Europe, US, Australia, Africa and China.

His 8 years as a senior investment banker in corporate finance with banks such as Hambros Bank and Banque Paribas as well as extensive academic grounding with degrees from Cambridge University (M.A (Hons), M.Phil.), Cranfield University (MBA) and University of Warwick (PhD), place him at the intersection between theory and practice. This blend of practice and academic insight informs his consulting, teaching and research.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

  • Thanos, I; Papadakis, V, Angwin, D;, (2020), “Does changing contexts affect linkages throughout the Mergers and Acquisition “M&A” process?: A multi-phasic investigation of Motives, Pre and Post acquisition processes and Performa”, Strategic Change.
  • Angwin, D; Cummings, S; Daellenbach, U. (2019), “How the multimedia communication of strategy can enable more effective recall and learning”, Academy of Management Learning and Education, forthcoming 2019.
  • Angwin, D; Kroon, D; Mirc, N; Oliveira, B; Prashantham, S; Rouzies, A; Tienari, J, (2019), “Mergers and acquisitions: Time for a theory rejuvenation of the field”, Long Range Planning, forthcoming 2019.
  • Thanos, I, Angwin, D; Bauer, F; Teerikangas, S, (2019), “Reshaping M&A scholarship e Broadening the boundaries of M&A”, European Management Journal, forthcoming 2019.
  • Gomes, E; Mellahi, K; Angwin, D. (2018), “Testing self-selection mechanism in high corruption environments: Evidence from African SMEs”, International Marketing Review, Vol.35 (5), pp. 733-759.
  • Rouzies, C, Coleman, H; Angwin, D. (2018), “Distorted and Adaptive Integration: realized post-acquisition integration as embedded in an ecology of processes”, Long Range Planning, Vol.52 (2), pp, 271-282.
  • Yakis-Douglas, B; Angwin, D, Ahn, K, Meadows, M. (2017), “Opening M&A strategy to investors: Predictors and outcomes of transparency during organizational transition”, Long Range Planning, Vol.50 (3), pp, 411-422.


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