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EU Calls for Applications in Training and Support for Circular Economy – Deadline 18 September

From linear to circular economy

The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) would like to encourage organizations, green solution providers and public authorities interested in Circular Economy to apply to the European Union’s new pilot project providing training, support and policy advice on resource efficiency, eco-innovation and circular economy.

The closing date for submission is the 18th of September 2017 and the European Commission will then select the most suitable applications.

The three calls for applications include:

• applications from SME support organizations to apply for training on Circular Economy. These trainings will focus on helping establish programs that support Circular Economy efforts.
• applications from providers that would like support in matchmaking and scaling up their circular solutions. One of the benefits will include EU-wide exposure and roll-out opportunities.
• applications from public authorities in the EU interested in receiving policy advice and tailored policy briefs.

The Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) aims to not only produce research but serve as a grassroots hub on the forefront of disseminating information and education to the public.

“We here at CERC monitor and promote information that we feel is relevant to Circular Economy and that enables constituents to seize opportunities that arise,” says Giorgos Demetriou, director of the CERC. “A sustainable future involves all of us so we encourage people to educate and involve themselves by applying to calls of action such as these.”

If you have any further question please write the EU at:

Michelle Medina

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