Weekend Workshop: Coaching Superpowers for Managers - 25 & 26 Feb. 2017 - Paris | École des Ponts Business School

Weekend Workshop: Coaching Superpowers for Managers – 25 & 26 Feb. 2017 – Paris

Coaching Superpowers for Managers

A workshop led by Xavier WEIBEL, Professor at École des Ponts Business School and Julie LEITZ, Certified Leadership Coach.

  • Discover and practice 8 key coaching skills that will transform and enhance the way you communicate
  • Learn how to motivate and empower colleagues and employees
  • Discover a powerful method to help people think outside the box, find solutions and get unstuck
  • Use the Coaching Superpowers Influencer Model to enroll and influence others to drive change
  • Practice coaching and receive personal feedback from workshop co-leaders and peers

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What are Coaching Superpowers for Managers?

Coaching Superpowers allow a style of “servant-leadership” which aims at leading through the development of other individuals such as team members, colleagues and partners. Within corporations and organizations, this is particularly suited for complex environments where matrix-based responsibilities and volatile teams make it difficult for individuals to have long-lasting impact and reach their professional goals. Within such environments, influencing/lobbying is equally important as driving and Coaching Superpowers accomplishes both.

Equipped with Coaching Superpowers, you will also be highly suited for modern management roles that require you to know how to lead others to formulate a solution on their own rather than advise them to follow a particular direction. Lastly, you will discover a new way of creating transformational relationships with other individuals, allowing for a very effective approach to scale a vision and co-create a common future.

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In this workshop, you will learn:

  • A toolset of coaching skills that will forever change the way you communicate with others, including the art of powerful questions, listening skills that allow you to read any situation, taking charge, challenging, championing and acknowledging others.
  • How to enroll and influence others to drive change in any environment.

Learning Structure

This workshop is based on experiential learning, i.e. theory will be put in practice throughout the day with a strong emphasis on peer learning and experimentation. Facilitators will provide demonstrations, create a supportive and stimulating environment and provide a unique level of individual attention to participants.


Saturday 25 February 2017 – 9am to 6pm:

  • Introduction to the Coaching Superpowers Compass
  • The art of asking questions to inspire and unlock others
  • How to listen so as to read any situation
  • How to empower others by taking charge, championing and challenging them
  • Practice and feedback

Sunday 26 February 2017 – 9am to 5pm:

  • Introduction to the three-step Coaching Superpowers Influencer Model
  • How to help anyone think outside the box, find solutions and get unstuck
  • How to enroll and influence others to drive change in an organization
  • How to empower others through acknowledgement
  • Practice and feedback


École des Ponts Business School Executive Campus
77 rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris

Fees and registration

  • Individuals: € 300
  • École des Ponts Business School Alumni: € 200
  • École des Ponts Business School Participants: € 150

Workshop fees include all teaching material, as well as coffee breaks. Lunches are not included.

Register Now! (20 Participants Max.)

Xavier Garcia-Weibel

Xavier has a proven track record in entrepreneurship and has occupied various managerial roles in large IT-Telecom Groups such as Orange and Swisscom in the USA, France and Switzerland. Positions include Business Innovation Manager, IT Governance Lead and Strategy Manager. He has conducted cross-organization strategic projects across most corporate divisions and has first-hand experience in dealing with corporate politics and stakeholders.

A passionate corXavier Garcia-Weibel & Julie Leitzporate trainer, Xavier specializes in powerful experiential-learning workshops focusing on developing Leadership and Innovation. He is currently designing the first Human-Centric Leadership training curriculum in partnership with Swisscom.

Xavier is a Certified Professional Co-active® Coach (CPCC), a certification validated by the International Coaching Federation. He coaches professionals so they may unleash the power of innovation in their life, business and career. Xavier is also a speaker and moderator of innovation for the IT-Telecom industry at the École des Ponts Business School, and M.Sc. HEG-VD, HES-SO, Lausanne.

Julie Leitz

Julie is a psychologist and neuroscientist who escaped her Oxford lab to transform teams and their leaders. She is passionate about the mechanisms that facilitate change, with a strong focus on team dynamics, conflict resolution and dialogue as a powerful tool to foster transformation. Julie leads team building and leadership development workshops around Europe in large organizations such as Swisscom, Siemens and The Global Fund, as well universities such the University of Oxford and HSG St Gallen.

Julie loves to challenge existing ways of doing things and brings her scientific and artistic mind-set to everything she does. She holds that self-awareness and relationship agility are key to effective leadership. When she is not facilitating teams, she coaches her clients one on one to develop these areas.

Julie has published several scientific articles in international, peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Neuroscience and co-founded the Human-Centric Leaders alliance, committed to turning teams into tribes and transforming leaders.

Originally from Paris, she lives in London. Its eclectic mix of cultures, landscapes and people, as well as the many green spaces it has to offer, make it her favorite city in the world.

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Please ask your questions on this workshop to Kataline Boubet
+ 33 (0)1 64 15 22 12 – info@pontsbschool.com

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