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Victoria Férauge – USA – former CIO BRINK’s france:
“For years i had been dreaming of returning to school and getting an mba. my background is in information systems management and after many years in the business in the u.s., japan and france i went looking for a program that would broaden my knowledge and skills and allow me to explore other career opportunities”.

Xavier Zakoian – France – Revenue Management Director, NRJ group: 

“After acquiring 15 years of professional experience, i still strongly felt that I should broaden my knowledge in essential fields such as corporate strategy, finance, and marketing. I also wanted to acquire a number of tools and methodologies that would enhance my previous professional experience and prepare me for more challenging opportunities in the coming years.
I chose the enpc executive mba program for the extraordinarily high quality of its educational program and outstanding professors as well as for its unique international and multicultural approach.

I am happy to say that over the past 7 months, my expectations have been more than met. the enpc executive mba program has already enabled me to move to a higher level of professional knowledge and executive skills and is providing me with an enriching and challenging educational experience.”

Cristina Stoian – Romania – Financial & Operations Manager, Internal Audit Europe, Pratt & Whitney:

“I work for united technologies corp. as a manager with the european internal audit department. prior to joining utc at the beginning of 2005, I held positions in accounting, finance and international taxation.

I decided to enroll in an MBA program, to help me strengthen both the entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to secure a position as a finance specialist in today’s complex international business environment.

The ENPC Executive MBA program, with its emphasis on management, technology and teamwork covers 20 classes over a period of two years. this allows me to study without interrupting my work, while also maintaining a good work-life balance.

After having taken the first seven modules of the program, I feel positive about my choice, thanks to the focus on quality and careful selection of the course topics, the quality of the academic teaching and last but not least the opportunity to discuss and network with my classmates.”

Jean Caron – France – Executive MBA, promotion 2008

« Après un plus de 5 ans d’expatriation pour la Banque PSA Finance, j’ai rejoint, il y a trois ans, la division groupe moteur propulseur du groupe psa peugeot citroën comme responsable de réduction des coûts et de global sourcing. dans un monde global des affaires, je pense qu’il est important de se former régulièrement afin de rester compétitif. je pensais déjà depuis quelque temps à faire un mba, sans pour autant interrompre ma carrière.

Diplômé de l’enpc (civ. 90), je connaissais la réputation du corps professoral de l’ENPC School of International Management et la qualité des programmes qui y sont proposés. je me suis donc tourné vers l’ENPC Executive MBA; décision appuyée par mon employeur  qui finance d’ailleurs une partie de ma formation. J’ai également la chance d’avoir pu profiter d’une bourse accordée par l’ENPC School of International Management aux anciens de l’école des ponts et d’un financement du fongécif. le rythme est très intense et il faut en plus concilier études et vie  professionnelle, mais ces 18 mois de cours ont été déjà très enrichissants. Après chaque module, plusieurs outils dispensés sont applicables immédiatement dans mon travail. au-delà de la qualité des cours, la taille humaine de l’ école et la diversité culturelle et professionnelle des  participants apportent une réelle valeur ajoutée à nos échanges et permet de se remettre en question à tout moment ».

Tiia Vignard – Estonia – SOX/US GAAP Compliance/Policy Manager, EMEA, 3M:

“After 7 months of studies, i would like to give my regards and compliments to the program management team that has selected excellent professors with international and very high academic backgrounds. Also, the program format fits perfectly with my highly demanding daily professional life and travel schedule.

I have met many talented and very intelligent classmates from different business sectors and cultures. We each have significant professional backgrounds and valuable business experiences to share with one another over these two years”.

Rabih Chehouri – France/Lebanon – class of 2000

“When I decided to pursue an MBA curriculum, I was working in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for a French company as a project manager in charge of developing and setting-up joint-ventures between local investment groups and european firms. although my engineering background was beneficial, i still lacked the academic basics in finance and more generally speaking, the entrepreneurial approach to developing existing businesses or creating start-ups. i decided therefore to pursue an MBA curriculum on a part-time basis in Paris.

After a careful due-diligence on existing part-time programs in france, the ENPC MBA was by far the best choice given the diversity of courses, the quality of professors, the cultural diversity of participants, and the flexibility for participant to cumulate studies with professional (and family !) obligations. after completing my mba, i was hired by a french consultancy firm specialised in strategy and management as a senior consultant. compared with my previous position, my fixed salary has increased by approximately 60%.

” the ENPC MBA was to me – intellectually speaking – like a breath of fresh air : it was a new challenge which helped me braking down the monotony which started to take place in my professional career. in addition to acquiring all technical tools and methods to practice management with a capital m, it was a pleasant way to discover new practices and build on human contacts. “

Mckay Kate – United States – Class of 1999

“After graduating from university with a liberal arts degree and spending a year teaching English in Japan, I entered the Business world as an Administrative Assistant for a small software marketing firm. I spent several years there, learning a lot, getting promoted, taking on more responsibility but I could only go so far – my career path was either executive assistant or account management. When I left I was making $30k/year. After taking a year off to ski in the Pyrenees (life is rough, eh?), I decided it was time to get my career back on track and that an MBA was the best way to get out of the administrative rut and jump to the next level.

I chose ENPC MBA for several reasons:

1) 1-year program (less expensive and less time out of the work force)

2) Faculty (visiting faculty means access to top professors from top b-schools around the world)

3) Diversity (more variety of nationalities and professional backgrounds than most other schools, making for a much more interesting learning environment)

4) Cooperative environment (work-group learning structure, and no “forced grading”!)

5) Did I mention Paris?

Currently, I am a Business Development Manager for a successful corporate services firm in Boston, called CCBN. I have been here for 2 years and was recently promoted to manage a larger, more strategic initiative, with 2 junior associates reporting to me. My starting compensation package was about $60k/year (twice what I was making as an executive assistant), and is now at about $80k/year. My MBA was completely instrumental in landing this position”.

Izard Jeanne – France/United States – Class of 1999

I decided to join an MBA right after my civil engineering studies to acquire a broader skills base than my mainly technical background and have the opportunity to do cross-disciplinary activities early on in my professional life.

I chose the ENPC MBA because of its very international profile both from the student body, the faculty and the curriculum. As part of the MBA, I had a semester exchange with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. The best contribution I had from the MBA was the network of friends around the world I kept from the program and the general business development and financial skills I have constantly applied ever since in my professional life.

After completing my MBA at the ENPC and Fletcher, I joined Intergen, a Shell and Bechtel joint venture that specialize in international power project development (power plants). I worked for a year for that company as senior associate out of London (overall package of 70,000K pounds/y). I eventually resigned from my job in July 2001 to pursue work more specifically oriented towards international development.

I joined an NGO (International Rescue Committee) and am working for them in Azerbaijan (and divided my salary by 4!), promoting small income generating activities and development of small and medium enterprises in rural communities in the south of the country. I am very happy to have the opportunity to apply my typically private sector skills and experience to a meaningful cause.

I have found the ENPC MBA program a very humanistic yet intellectual experience, populated with some very good people, a jewel of a program in the world of sharks that is consulting or investment banking!

Streeter Nicolas – Chile – class of 1999

“BA Engineering, Universidad Catolica, Chile with over 4 years of professional experience, I left Compass Group Chile in 1998, a small asset management company based in Santiago, where I was a senior analyst to pursue an MBA at the ENPC school of international management. I completed my MBA with a 9-month professional thesis project for AXA Paris in their South American department where I was in charge of developing strategy for Latin American subsidiaries. After completing the project, I was promoted to CEO of AXA Uruguay where I am currently implementing my thesis project. MBA studies at the ENPC helped me to boost my career both in terms of scope of responsibilities and remuneration (an overall package triple the amount I was earning before starting an MBA). The ENPC School of International Management equipped me with valuable knowledge and understanding of strategy and organizational theory. Being a finance person myself, without this knowledge I am sure that I would not have been able to undertake the career and responsibilities I have now. Before doing the ENPC MBA, I had almost no experience managing people. Through the ENPC MBA program, I learned to assimilate the huge cultural diversity present within the group of participants (28 nationalities) within a very short time. It requires a great deal of emotional intelligence to develop and manage relationships and work in teams to encourage everyone’s best efforts. Today, I am reaping the benefits of these ‘people skills,’ managing a team of 31 professionals. Without the ENPC MBA training, this would have been a much more difficult task. As the ENPC top-notch school well-known and respected in France, I feel that it was a plus in helping me get my foot in the door with AXA Paris to be able to achieve my rapid career move to where I am now.

Prior education: Civil Engineering, 1994, Universidad Catolica de Chile. in engineering pre MBA job Compass group Chile, small asset management company based in Santiago Senior analyst, 30k a year, Chile

After MBA did my PTP with AXA in Paris, actually in the South America department, in charge of development and strategy of Latam subsidiaries. After 9 month with them (my original PTP contract) I was promoted to CEO of AXA Uruguay. Salary in France was 18.000 ff per month gross. Now, I make a lot more than that: salary + bonus + apartment + company car + life insurance + health insurance worldwide + pension plan. More or less 90k per year! I moved from Paris to Montevideo”.

French Jillyan – United States – Class of 1997

I decided to pursue an MBA following 4 years professional experience in the retail industry working for the gap, incorporated in store management. I felt an MBA would complement my vision of the business world as well as enlarge my perspective on a more global basis. I opted for the MBA at ENPC as it is truly an international MBA, with students from different countries and cultures, yet the class size is small, allowing for greater interaction among all the students. Further, the faculty for the MBA comes from many top universities around the world, bringing a vision of the international marketplace that is extremely diverse.

After completing my MBA, I decided to capitalize on my previous experience in employee hiring and training by working for an executive recruitment firm in Paris as a researcher and junior consultant on senior-management searches across a wide area of markets, such as media/entertainment, health, e-business, heavy industry, energy and retail. Due to my profile, I conducted searches in Japan, Africa, the United States as well as in Europe.

In September 2000, I joined the recruitment department of Accenture in Paris, where I recruited experts in Supply Chain Management, it web architects, as well as consultants for the public sector. Today, I recruit for Accenture’s financial services, insurance and capital markets business sector for France, as well as CRM experts. Again, my MBA plays an important role in my professional activities as I have a strong business sense and strategic vision on a wide variety of economic issues.

Being in human resources, I believe one of the most valuable contributions the MBA brought to me is the ability to work with people from different countries, respecting, learning and capitalizing on individual strengths. I chose the MBA at the ENPC because I wanted to see how the world “functioned” outside of the united states… and I can easily say that I feel as though I am experiencing what I set out to discover!

Chapman Adrian – United Kingdom/Germany – Class of 1996

“After completing my MBA at the ENPC School of International Management, I joined Price Water House Coopers as a junior consultant in London working within the consulting division and specifically, the energy and utilities group.

I am currently a principal consultant, working predominantly on multinational systems and organization restructuring assignments for upstream oil clients, delivering strategic change services such as organization design and change management. I am also involved in solution generation and business development.

Since my first permanent position, my salary has increased by over 100%. Overall package started at around £30,000 during my placement and is now around £65,000. In the future, I am hoping to gain directorship at around the age of 36/37.

The most valuable contribution of the ENPC MBA to my career/life was the understanding of the Business tools and techniques to allow me to negotiate through the complex business issues that I am faced with on a day-to-day basis”.

Victoria Férauge – USAFormer CIO Brink’s France

Nicolas Lapalu (France)CEO - Osborn-Unipol France

Jadwiga Gajda (Poland)IT Service Manager – Metanext