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Projects you can bring to life

Here are 6 projects you can bring to life!

Project 1 International Scholarship Fund

The school offers a range of scholarships, notably Merit and Need Scholarships (via the Ecole des Ponts Foundation – which can be tax-deductible if you are French or part of the EU17). The objective of our scholarship initiatives is double – on the one hand to attract top talent from around the world to our programs, and on the other hand to allow meritorious candidates who could not otherwise manage to finance participation in our MBA programs the ability to take advantage of all that our programs have to offer.  

Key scholarship themes and schemes include:

> Cross-Cultural Diversity 

> Entrepreneurial Talent

> Equal Opportunity

> Excellence & Leadership

> Professionals with Disabilities

> Senior Professionals

> Women in Business

Project 2 Digital Transformation in Action

There is so much that we can do today to create a “wow experience” in our programs with the help of a new generation of digital tools. It is now possible to use big (and small) data to map the evolution of a participant from admissions to graduation – highlighting on the way the progress made in hard and soft skills, improvements in public speaking, mapping achievement of learning outcomes, adding a layer of gamification and, basically, making the classic “grade sheet” seem like a pre-historic relic. Using these new tools participants can, for example, see every presentation they will have made – whether individually or in a group – and visualize their progress.  

Key project elements:

> Some IT development to add a data visualization layer and a business analytics layer to each program

> Purchase of video capture equipment

> Later, hire a data scientist (programming & meta-tagging)

Project 3 Start-up cluster

As the school is increasingly focusing on innovation and technology management as well as entrepreneurship, we would like to show thought and action leadership in this domain as well. We would like to build-out a start-up cluster, starting with an incubator and accelerator, that complements initiatives being made by the Ecole des Ponts, ParisTech and Paris-Est . Later we would like to build a crowdsourcing platform that would allow our alumni to invest first in exciting new start-ups developed by participants and graduates of our programs. 

Elements we would like to see as part of a full-fledged start-up cluster:

> Start-up incubator & accelerator

> FabLab and/or Maker Space

> A crowdfunding platform

> A co-working space primarily for alumni

> Later, hire an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

Project 4 Africa Strategy Deployment

With Africa as the new frontier for business schools for the visible horizon, we are very well-placed to take a leadership role. With the number one MBA in North Africa, the Ecole des Ponts Executive MBA we offer with the EHTP since 1999, and over 1200 alumni in Morocco alone, we have a unique opportunity to leverage this experience and our network to increase our footprint in Morocco, first, and in both French- and English-speaking Africa, later. If we are able to generate significant activity in the region, we should also be able to secure consequential financing from French, Europe and African developmental agencies (some of which we have already met with).

Notable projects include:

> High-level corporate training programs

> Entrepreneurial Ecosystem training programs

> Innovation cluster development (with the Ecole des Ponts and local academic partners)

> Creation of an African Case Study Center

> Development of a pan-African MBA in Morocco

Project 5 Itinerant Classroom

The school has always had as its mission “being in business to make a better world”. A project we have been developing for the last few years is a true “feel good” project which brings entrepreneurship education to the streets and the masses. The idea is to create an itinerant “pop-up school” that sets up in public spaces (in front of City Halls for example) for a week at a time to teach anyone interested in entrepreneurship the basics necessary to consider launching a start-up and to give short-term mentoring to those thinking about launching a new business. This is a major social impact project that takes the classroom to the streets and helps to educate the general public on entrepreneurship. We would work with local government and high profile partners. The objective is to cover our costs, get mainstream visibility for the school (instead of spending a fortune on marketing and communications), brand ourselves as thought leaders in entrepreneurship and social impact, while doing lots of good for the greatest number. 

Project 6 Classroom of the Future

Technology will be playing an increasing role in education, in business, in innovation and in entrepreneurship. It is thus natural that we integrate a full range of technologies into the classroom, not in order to buy the latest gadgets, but in an attempt to push the boundaries of pedagogical innovation and expose our participants to new ways to learn and to experience learning. The classroom of the future project is an attempt to create both a cutting-edge classroom and to integrate new methods of learning into the MBA curriculum – via augmented and virtual reality, distance collaboration, new project management tools and new learning and teaching methods in an environment that is creative, inspirational, stimulating and innovative. In all actuality, it is an attempt to move away from the traditional classroom to a new four-dimensional learning space.

We are extremely excited about this last project which is the creation of a never-before-seen mix of transparent architecture, fractal art, collaboration technology, innovation software, modular spaces, sound design and light design!  This unique setting will also serve as a learning lab and think tank for the future of collaboration – from the classroom to the Boardroom – with a dozen leading international firms as our partners! This is a real game-changer…